Hello Master Chief Rumored About Future Fortnite Crossover

The idea that the Master Chief is in the same game as Kratos, The Mandalorian, and Iron Man is wild (Photo: Microsoft).

God of War Kratos was recently added as a new one It is rumored that Fortnite’s skin and Master Chief can follow suit.

Fortnite isn’t a stranger to crossovers (the latest season has already been featured by The Mandalorian), but the latest rumors and theories are pretty wild.

The latest claims that Halo franchise star Master Chief will appear in Fortnite as part of Season 5.

The rumor stems from an anonymous 4chan post claiming to have received information from a friend of Epic Games.

The screenshot looks legal, but it is not considered official and may be forged.

But what suddenly makes it seem more reliable is the recent confirmation that Kratos from the God of War series is in Fortnite as a skin.

It’s not yet clear why he’s included (except that it fits the “hunter” theme that Season 5 is aiming for), but what’s particularly surprising is that he’s not limited to the PlayStation version of the game. ..

Fortnite players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch can get skins (although the PlayStation 5 version has its own alternative armor skins). This is the first time Kratos has appeared on consoles other than the PlayStation.

If Sony is willing to shed light on this, is it possible that Microsoft will follow the Master Chief? Epic teased that hunters from other realities would arrive in Season 5. This probably means more crossovers.

In addition, Microsoft has signed a deal with Nintendo to welcome Minecraft Banjo, Kazooie and Steve as playable characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a result, there is already precedent for using that character on other platforms.

The rumor also sparked another theory that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all lent one of their characters to Fortnite. Assuming this is true, the most likely candidate for Nintendo is Samus, the Metroid series bounty hunter.

And if that’s true, it could mean that Fortnite will somehow be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the next DLC character.

The Game Awards, which will be held on December 10th, are currently in the spotlight and new announcements will be made.

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Master Chief from Halo rumoured for future Fortnite crossover

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