Hello neighbor 2 alpha 1.5: Creepy Scary Raven Brooks

Announced in July Hello Neighbor 2 – A sequel to the original stealth horror game of sneaking into a spooky neighbor’s house – and released the first alpha version. Alpha is a great way for players to receive feedback, adjust their gameplay accordingly, and experience some of the upcoming games for free.

And now it’s time for the next iteration – Alpha 1.5. Get closer and tell us your enthusiastic neighbors, new players, and what to expect from this new alpha.

Sneaky-Beaky Like

If you are unfamiliar, welcome to Raven Brooks! A small town that seems to have a serious missing person problem …

The game will be played immediately after the original event Hello neighbor, And no neighbors.

You play as Quentin, a local journalist investigating this sudden series of incidents.Your investigative power (and a little luck) leads you to an eerie abandoned house, but only discovers that it is occupied by a mysterious and beaked individual. Really I hate trick or treaters. Not surprisingly, you’ll want to sneak into this house to find out what’s going on.

Hello neighbor 2 alpha 1.5

New tricks and snacks! … But most tricks

In the first gameplay, players explored a spooky deserted house and the surrounding open world while being attacked by a crow-like AI. Players had to solve tricky puzzles while betraying the crow man or hiding from him. This latest update improves virtually every aspect of gameplay!

The guest has become smarter and his routine has become more complex. There are more puzzles and interesting interactions both in the house and in the open world. The level design has been redesigned to make the life of new players a little easier while continuing to challenge. And of course, there’s a huge Halloween puzzle.

Further folklore has been added. There are new intros and endings that could extend the Hello Neighbor folklore and introduce new characters! You may not get more answers than your question, but …

Hello neighbor 2 alpha 1.5

Much better than candy corn

And finally, there’s one final treat (no, not a king-sized candy bar). If you can’t say, we are big fans of the holidays here, and we have prepared a special gift for you.

There is a very special invitation in the game. An invitation to the Discord server. Follow the link and you’ll receive a unique tool – grappling hooks to help you explore Raven Brooks!

To be honest, our Discord server is a gift of its own. We have a great and enthusiastic community and are hosting contests. In the future, we will have more treats like this. And of course, our community is always the first to know about every upcoming event and development.

Hello neighbor 2 alpha 1.5

We look forward to exploring all the new merchandise in the store and starting to uncover the secrets behind everything from the mysterious herd of crows in town to the unfortunate events surrounding Mr. Peterson (neighbor). I am doing it.

It’s up to you to shed new light on this new chapter of the Hello Neighbor story and help solve the mystery of what’s happening in Raven Brooks. See you there!

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5: Spooky Scary Raven Brooks

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