Hellopet House is an adorable time management game that has broken 500,000 pre-registrations.

Appxplore and iCandy’s Hellopet House are casual time management games based on the popular virtual pet app Hellopet.

It takes adorable creatures from the game and takes them to a huge, unruly mansion. Your goal is to renovate this mansion while keeping your growing pet family happy and nutritious.

Before landing on Google Play and the App Store, Hellopet House broke the 500,000 pre-registration barrier. It’s not difficult to understand why. A perfect blend of soothing kitten grooming and desperate food service, you can spend time between relaxing at home and immersing yourself in the kitchen.

Time-managed gameplay builds meals for a series of hungry pets. You work under harsh time pressure and feed your furry customers who are constantly in a hurry and can’t wait more than a few seconds for an order to be placed. Each stage also has its own goals and failed states, always keeping you on your toes.

There are also gardening activities such as arranging flower baskets and refurbishment work such as mixing paints and flattening wood. These change every 20 levels and also offer new challenges.

Fortunately, you can relax between shifts and spend the stars you earn on completing a beautiful mansion. As you complete the time management phase and progress through the story, your pet will be added to your collection. These pets can be customized with a variety of adorable collars and hats.

Of course, you can also play with them. One of your main tasks is to feed, wash, stroke and entertain small cats and dogs.

Hellopet House is our kind of casual game. Home remodeling and pet care can be calm and easy, but the kitchen has a lot of challenges and you can still play Hello Pet House after Thanksgiving.

Now you can download Hellopet House for free from Google Play and App Store.

Hellopet House Is an Adorable Time-Management Game, Out Now After Smashing 500k Pre-registrations

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