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HELWEI provides microcredit to women-led MSME to close financial gap

Healthy Life and Women’s Empowerment Initiative A non-governmental organization (HELWEI) has taken the lead in deepening and closing the financial gaps of small business owners through capacity training and microcredit empowerment.

Two-day capacity building for women-led SMEs on bookkeeping, customer relationships, and digital marketing at the Egbe / Idimu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Lagos, launched on Friday, September 24, 9 It ended on Saturday, 25th of March.

Ebere Okey-Onyema, Executive Director of the Healthy Living and Women Empowerment Initiative (HELWEI), said the initiative is to help grassroots women understand the essence of building sustainable businesses. I did.

“What we want to do after this knowledge sharing. We will continue to visit to assess how we are using the knowledge we have acquired. This is the participants and benefits of this first phase of training. It’s based on how each of us does it, and we’ll be able to participate in microcredit, “says Okey-Onyema.

According to her, microcredit is given to groups that leverage various market groups participating in capacity training.

“So we will partner with their association for any grants we give them. Of course, we have to keep the process, so it will be refunded,” she said.

Okey-Onyema further revealed that beneficiaries are usually engaged through a scheme tagged with financial interactions.

“We insist on repayment to them because we want the project to be sustainable. We don’t want it to be a one-off thing,” he said.

Folasade Oluwole, one of the resource people, said small business owners need to understand the relationship between bookkeeping and business sustainability. Therefore, proper accountability is required.

According to her, keeping good records is essential to business sustainability. Therefore, small business owners need to keep a daily record of all their inventory in order to continue their business.

“When I buy and sell. I buy a diary of what I buy every day,” says Oluwole.

The two-day capacity building training also covered key areas of business sustainability, such as customer relationships and the role they play in building business. Digital marketing; Personal effectiveness; Wellness and interactive sessions on family, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Participants were also presented with a certificate.

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HELWEI provides microcredit to women-led MSME to close financial gap HELWEI provides microcredit to women-led MSME to close financial gap

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