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Earlier this year Fisker I made a small mistake on Twitter.He posted Rear image of Fisker Alaska truck Social media platforms come with a short but meaningful caption, “Electric pickup!”. But he immediately dropped it, and we haven’t heard anything else from an American company about EV trucks.

It’s until early 2021 – Fisker Inc. Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker previewed the EV truck. But he’s not on Twitter like he used to be. Fisker posted a teaser embedded below on LinkedIn.

Don’t worry, we have already taken screenshots of the post, Just in case..

As you can see in the image above, the rear quarter shots of Fisker EV trucks appear to be aggressively designed.The angle isn’t that of your typical pickup truck, and it doesn’t seem to be GMC Hummer EV..It looks like what people call Lifestyle truck, And that’s exactly what Fisker wants to adopt in its probably latest creation.

Well, whether this track is the same Vehicle Fisker made fun of Twitter in early DecemberI don’t know completely.But because of its value, the CEO used the following words: radical In both teasers, the latest is touted as “more radical” in the final design.

However, don’t hold your breath yet, as the keyword is inserted in the Fisker caption on your LinkedIn post. “Yes, the next car may be a lifestyle pickup truck!”

“Maybe” is a magic word here, so no, nothing has been decided at this time. But, again, there is one thing that is certain. That is, electric pickup trucks are becoming one of the most notable vehicles, whether this year or in the coming years.

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Henrik Fisker previews lifestyle EV trucks … on LinkedIn Henrik Fisker previews lifestyle EV trucks … on LinkedIn

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