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Henry Lux III Lots of proof in his second year With the Las Vegas Raiders after the 2020 rookie season.

Rag played in 13 Raiders games and was able to record 26 receptions with 452 yards and two touchdowns. This is an overwhelming result given that it was the first receiver to be removed from the board in the 2020 NFL draft. He couldn’t live up to some high expectations, but Ruggs had a flash and it was easy to see why the front office was so crazy about him.

Fellow receiver Nelson Agroll has cast a shadow over Alabama products, but when Alabama products are gone, Lux has a real opportunity to shine and prove it’s worth the investment. John Brown already believes in lag and even says he can break the game at his own speed.

“No doubt Henry Rags, when I watch a movie, only at his speed,” Brown said. “He can definitely dominate the game. He can really take over the attack. And with Brian Edwards, he’s physical and really aggressive. So he gives that energy Bringing it there allows many to feed it, so that’s the main thing that comes to me when I shoot a movie and see them. “

Rags’ calling card is his fierce speed, and wherever he is lined up, he should be able to take the lead from the enemy’s defenses. However, Ragus also shows that he is proficient in the middle areas of the field and can do damage after catching.

Head coach Jon Gruden should be able to plan how to open up a rug that can take advantage of his speed, especially in the jet sweep action that is popular in today’s NFL. Recipients should be able to find themselves in a more one-on-one situation, as defenders need to worry about other options for Raiders attacks, such as Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs.

The Raiders have adapted to the silver and black attacks and are comfortable, so the second year should be better for the rug. And if things go well, he could line up for the breakout season.

– NFL Sports

Henry Rags “can dominate the game,” says John Brown. Henry Rags “can dominate the game,” says John Brown.

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