Here are some enhancements to the Xbox Series X / S and PS5 coming to Warframe next week: • .net

In addition, there are bits for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

This is the true jumboly of tonight’s next-generation news, and developer Digital Extremes reveals various Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 enhancements from the famous free-play space shooter Warframe on launch Did.

In terms of basic fidelity, Warframe’s next-generation update offers “maximum” 4K resolution and 60fps on the Xbox Series X / S and PS5, and Digital Extremes also promises “significantly improved” load times. .. However, more sexy updates will be provided in the form of a “texture remaster” of the entire game. This is said to improve the level of detail and color and reduce the hard drive space required in the process. In addition, Warframe receives new dynamic lighting via Enhanced Renderer.

“From the neon flanks of Fortuna to the latest landscapes of Deimos’ haunting satellites, there’s no better place to see the amazing difference. The light from the sun casts long shadows on the trees, and the leaves cast it on you. You can see the dynamic shadows as you walk through, and the reflections of the Cetus market crowded throughout your Warframe as you walk. “

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The developers also detailed PS5-specific features that will be offered as part of the next-generation update, including support for adaptive triggers. This will be extended at a later date to provide more complex tactile feedback. The PS5 activity feature is also supported, and progress activity tracks the progress of the trophy. Challenge activities allow players to try out new Sanctuary Throat Challenges and more without loading.

In related news, Digital Extremes also announced the Warframe Booster Pack for the new PlayStation Plus. It offers Sony service subscribers a new Sedai Obsidian Syandana inspired by the DualSense controller, an Experience Booster, and an in-game Currency Booster. , Credits, and premium credits.


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