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Six years after its announcement, Super Nintendo World finally opened its doors to Universal Studios Osaka (although it doesn’t seem to be officially)-after a significant delay related to coronavirus. As a result, video footage of the park is beginning to appear online. This includes a complete first look at the previously mysterious Mario Kart vehicle.

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart: Coupa’s Challenge Ride, we knew for quite some time in the park’s impressive Bowser castle, but beyond the powerful stone jaws of the façade Virtually nothing was seen about the experience. However, thanks to the fan site Universal Parks News Today, those who cannot visit the attractions directly can enjoy a very thorough tour of the ride itself and its wonderfully detailed cues.

In fact, most of the 20-minute video is spent exploring the winding lines leading to Mario Kart’s rides, but it’s still a fascinating trip packed with Easter eggs and iconic sights from the start. .. But when Mario’s enemies meander to Bowser’s gorgeously realized library, brushing up his racing knowledge, things take about six minutes to recover considerably.

Mario Kart: Full ride on Bowser’s Challenge AR & Cue Tour.

There are also shelves with comically named books such as wall-mounted strategy sheets, elaborate models of famous trucks, animated ghostly paintings, and “Brothers’ rivals and how to use them.” From there, you’ll pass through the Bomb soldiers’ factory and witness Mario Kart’s television broadcast explaining the rules of boarding.

Eventually, it was time to board the boarding itself around 15:30. This is an impressive technical task that combines high-resolution projection, a physical set, a cart with motion, and AR-enabled goggles. Seamlessly overlay the scene as Mario and his companions sprint inside and outside the field of view. Everything is tied to a shell-throwing point-scoring mechanism that turns the vehicle into a full-fledged game.

Super Nintendo World Official Trailer.

Sure, its considerable pedestrian speed and claustrophobic set is the exact opposite of the vast adrenaline thrill I had imagined when the ride was announced, but it was pulled apart in an amazing style. I can’t deny that-for example, the Rainbow Road Sequence is a great capper. Also, if you’re interested in the rest of the Super Nintendo World, Universal Parks News Today has a wealth of additional resources to showcase other attractions.

Of course, if you can’t go to Osaka, you don’t have to be so discouraged. Additional Super Nintendo Worlds are currently under development with different vehicle choices and layouts and will eventually open in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore, but it’s clear when these other parks will be completed. There are no words.


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