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Here’s how to drain water from your iPhone speaker

Your iPhone actually has a secret eject button.

The iPhone’s water resistance IP68 rating means it can withstand up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes.

That said, don’t stick it under the pool on holidays to take those spectacular underwater shots.

If water can flow inside, you will face large invoices, to say the least. That’s not what you need.

But accidents can happen, especially for those who live a clumsy life. Your cell phone may go on a trip to the bathroom when it falls out of your back pocket.

If you chase a dog on a walk, it may slip off your hand and fall into a puddle. Whatever it is, if your iPhone survives it, there may be water left on the speakers and earpieces.

You may want to pierce a sharp object, such as a cue tip to absorb water, but it can be more harmful than good.

Fortunately, the iPhone has a secret hidden eject button that quickly cleans the water. This sounds like some kind of James Bond gadget, but it’s legal, so stick with us.

How to get rid of water from iPhone speaker.

If you have a good Apple Watch on your wrist, you may already have experience with this feature.

But now, the iOS shortcut app brings this eject feature to the iPhone. The best bit? It’s not easy.

1) Go to the Shortcut Gallery website.

2) [ショートカットを取得]Click.

3) Wait for the shortcut app to launch.

Four) Search for water eject.

Five) [ショートカットを追加]Tap.

Currently, there are several ways to activate this shortcut. If you like Siri, you can say “Hey Siri, drain water.”

Alternatively, you can access the Shortcuts app and launch the effect from there.

Your iPhone will play a musical tone for about 10 seconds when the water drain is moving. When the process is finished, a pop-up will appear stating that it has been ejected from the speaker.

The water is gone!

This feature is virtually magical. Like something from Harry Potter’s book. Not only will you feel more secure and secure, but you will also be freed from the terrible annoyance of voice.

No one wants to listen to fuzzy music or be asked “what” 15 times over the phone. You can cover it with this handy hack.

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Here’s how to drain water from your iPhone speaker Here’s how to drain water from your iPhone speaker

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