Here’s how to unlock Twitch pet cosmetics among us

We will be able to unlock the special Twitch logo pet cosmetics by linking your Twitch account to the game by December 18th. Among us, we usually have to buy a pet, which is the first one that InnerSloth offers for free.

To link your Twitch account, open Among Us, click the settings icon,[データ]You need to select a tab. After clicking on it, you’ll need to log in to your Twitch profile to formally link your two accounts. After logging in,[承認]Click to allow Twitch Among Us to drop. To unlock your pet, you need to watch the Among Us Twitch Rivals event for 30 minutes.

There are events that can be viewed on December 11, 14 and 18. The full schedule is here. This is only possible with the PC version of Among Us, but updates for mobile players should soon allow you to link your Twitch account.

InnerSloth unveiled a new Among Us map at The Game Awards on December 10th. Introduced in early 2021, this map will be on board a floating airship and will be completely free. You can choose which room to start with, among other new features such as ladders and new tasks.

Despite being launched in 2018, we also brought back some trophies at the Game Awards. The murder mystery game has won the best mobile and best multiplayer games, beating titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Genshin Impact.

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