Here’s the story behind Travis Scott’s Rad Tenet ending theme

You can't be a spy without a boat.

You can’t be a spy without a boat.
image: Warner Bros.

A theme I haven’t heard in the movie yet Theatrical release, This, hmm, hmm. We talked about it. Let’s talk about music today.

Tenet, Films that have been produced for a long time have an interesting ending credit theme. Instead of the usual stately soundtrack clip Christopher Nolan The latest work follows the route of the finest movies of the 90’s, with Travis Scott’s “The Plan” tie-in song. In the new feature, Scott and the creative behind the film detail how the song was combined.

This connection seems to be due to Ludwig Goranson, who thought of Travis Scott when trying to find a way to give the movie’s end credit roll a little more vibrancy. So they brought Travis, had him watch a cut of the movie, and then saw what happened. After all, what came out of it was pretty good.

Scott is a talented artist, and this story of collaboration and inspiration is in all the weird theatrical Shenanigans. Tenet I was involved, pretty cool.And if you haven’t seen it yet Tenet, Your time is finally coming: the movie hits Blu-ray and digital December 15th.

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