Here’s what you can expect from CD Projekt’s WitcherCon event:

Netflix And CD Projekt Red Announced the schedule of WitcherCon – A new event on Friday, July 9th, to keep you up to date on a variety of The Witcher-related projects.

Witcher Con sold by both companies as a celebration The witcher And fans who love it will also feature multiple panels, details on the various The Witcher projects currently under development, and “unique and exclusive content.”

But don’t get excited about the new game before you move on. The official website of the event says, “No new games will be announced at WitcherCon, but there are still many reasons to attend.” Instead, look forward to Gwent’s showcase! “The terrifying army of The Witcher’s world clashes in strategic, action-packed card battles where skills, not luck, lead you to victory. Before you play, GWENT: This view of all about The Witcher card games. You don’t want to miss it, “says the site.

Aside from the details of new games and Gwent, if you’re still interested in upcoming appointments, read below for an overview of the schedule.

If you would like a schedule other than a tweet, you can click here to see the entire schedule.It all starts with July 9th 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST, The second stream is done in 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time / 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time / 2:00 am British Summer Time (July 10).

For TL; DR, you can expect the following: News about The Witcher Season 2, the story behind the development of an ingenious RPG title (memories from the path: the story behind the Witcher game), a conversation about playing with Henry Cavill, Geralt of the Netflix series, and more.

At that last point, apparently we can expect something amazing. “White Wolf may have one or two surprises …” says the site. Will he show me a gaming PC? Do you know!

Given that the show also looks like it was redesigned in the third season, it’s no wonder CD Projekt Red and Netflix want to hype the next season as much as possible.

Before the second season of The Witcher Netflix series aired, we watched the opening scene for the next season and heard information about the recast characters.

It’s only natural to hear more at this event.


Here’s what you can expect from CD Projekt’s WitcherCon event

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