Heroes and Merchants-Fantasy Craft MMOG for iOS / Android

Heroes and merchants A fantasy to create MMOG on iOS and Android.

Due to the pay-to-win situation of mobile games, my wife and I decided to develop it completely. Free play An old browser game style game combined with modern interactive content.

A special feature of Heroes and Merchants is the optical design. In contrast to most games today, digital glossy graphics are not used here. All in-game graphics are hand-painted with attention to detail. Background music was also specially composed for the game by one of its players. Gameplay is also not based on the effects of one chasing the other-the game conveys a touch of old-fashioned nostalgia for browser games. Nonetheless, it contains game elements that didn’t exist here, such as real-time duels that can be actively played with other players and adventures that are played from a 3D ego perspective.

Players can team up in the guild, complete guild tasks, summon raid bosses and defeat them together, and exchange resources and items with guild allies. In addition, players can benefit from guild shops and guild buffs.

It can improve craftsmanship and affect product quality, selling price and production time.

Heroes have special abilities to select, increase, and play aggressively in duels and adventures.

Players can specialize in creating specific products and focus on trading. Other players like to duel, and other players just do missions and don’t produce so many merchandise, but rather buy them. Here, all players can focus on themselves.

There is a public chat area and a guild chat. The game is currently available on both iOS and Android in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Store link:
iOS: Heroes and Merchants
Android: Heroes and Merchants RPG-Google Play app

See you at Heroes and Merchants :)

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