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Berlin (AFP) – Former Arsenal and German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann have been dismissed from the Bundesliga Hertha Berlin Auditor after jibeing for a television expert race via WhatsApp.

Lehman attended the Hertha Berlin Audit & Supervisory Board as an advisor to Lars Windhorst, the boss of Tenor Holding, a major shareholder of the club.

“We have terminated our consulting agreement with Jens Lehmann, which will also end our activities at the Hertha Berlin Audit & Supervisory Board,” a spokesman for Tenor Holding told AFP’s subsidiary SID.

A 51-year-old woman who was a member of Arsenal’s The Invincibles during the 2003-2004 season came from Hertha after accidentally sending a WhatsApp message to former German DF Dennis Aogo, whose father is Nigerian. I was shown the door.

34-year-old Aogo appeared as a commentator in the Champions League semi-final Sky on Tuesday, and in a WhatsApp message sent to Aogo, Lehman asked, “Is Dennis really your Token Black guy?”

Aogo took a screenshot of the message and told Instagram’s 81,000 followers, “WOW, are you serious? @Jenslehmannofficial The message was probably not for me !!!”

Prior to news of the dismissal in Hertha, Lehman called the German daily Bild to apologize to Aogo and said, “I asked for forgiveness if I came across my remarks being rude.” ..

“It didn’t mean that at all. It was positive because he was a talented Sky expert and had a very strong attitude.

“WhatsApp was sent from my cell phone, so I’m responsible. It was a private message.”

Lehman does not say to whom his message was directed.

Lehman took over Jurgen Klinsmann at the Hertha Audit & Supervisory Board in early May last year.

Hertha Berlin President Werner Gegenbauer welcomed the club’s decision.

“Hertha Berlin is away from all forms of racism, so we welcome the steps taken by Tennor Holding,” he said.

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Hertha Berlin dismisses Lehmann as racist Jive adviser Hertha Berlin dismisses Lehmann as racist Jive adviser

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