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Jurgen Klopp Continues to dismiss the protracted discussion above Mohamed SalahFuture and mood after an interview with the Spanish media last week.

Liverpool No. 11 spoke to Spanish outlet AS on the eve of the collision Crystal palace In addition to his future in Anfield, he discussed what the captain was overlooked in Midtjylland.

Sarah has been offered the possibility of a transfer to Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​saying “I don’t know what will happen in the future” as the “top clubs” are still linked.

It raised some eyebrows that got worse when he wasn’t named in the first XI Crystal palaceMany speculations were that it was an interview.

After Sarah’s appearance and scoring two goals in the second half, Klopp claimed that his position on the bench was only part of the rotation that began in the previous six games, so there was no anxiety or discomfort. Did.

Within days of the demolition work at Selhurst Park, there were reports of Reds’ desire to reward Sarah with a new and improved contract, whose current contract expires in 2023.

Not surprisingly, his boss said almost nothing to the media about it, but he continued to expel the idea that Salah was unhappy in Liverpool.

“We don’t talk about trading [with the press]”Why should we start now?” Klopp told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

“Mo is in a good mood, in a good moment, in really good condition. That is the most important thing for me.

“If I was watching him in training today, I would have seen him laughing a lot! He enjoyed the session.

“All the rest is certainly good for you to write, but nothing internally!”

The Egyptians are in a rich vein shaped to score 13 goals in 13 Premier League Three more will come to Europe as he continues to watch the record fall after his previous appearances this season.

And as his boss continued to enjoy the speculation surrounding his decision in Liverpool’s final match, he hopes his ruthlessness in front of the goal will continue into the foreseeable future.

“He [operating on a good level]”Crop added. “I think I always have a discussion. He didn’t start the last game, and everything I heard about why.

Bergamo, Italy-Tuesday, November 3, 2020: Liverpool's Mohamed Salah celebrates with three goals in a match between UEFA Champions League Group D Atalanta BC and Liverpool FC's Studio di Bergamo. (Photo by Simone Arveda / Propaganda)

“Then he came in and scored two points. I don’t think he started against Stoke in his first season, and he came in and scored two. Obviously he Does not require a long time.

“But at a good moment. I hope it stays the same. That’s the most important thing.

“Every boy is in a good moment. That’s why we have the points we’ve ever had. And now it’s much more important for us to continue.

“Everyone knows that the toughest time of the season is before us. Christmas is always a tough time and we need to get through it with the right results.”

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“He’s laughing a lot!”-Jurgen Klopp claims that Mohamed Salah is happy with Liverpool-Liverpool FC “He’s laughing a lot!”-Jurgen Klopp claims that Mohamed Salah is happy with Liverpool-Liverpool FC

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