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Inter Milan Antonio Conte praises midfielder Christian Eriksen After his last winner AC Milan Coppa Italia quarterfinals, but formerTottenham Hotspur The man is “shy”.

Eriksen joined Intel from Spurs last January, but is struggling with match times and often does not appear in matches at all.

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However, after Eriksen’s 97-minute free-kick opened Intel 2-1 and scored a fierce derby, Conte said he hoped this would be the beginning of a new chapter for Intel. Denmark International.

“It should enliven him and us,” Conte said of Eriksen after the match. “I urged Christians to take a free kick.

“He’s a good guy we all care about, so he’s a young man who blends in well with the team, but nevertheless he’s pretty shy.

“We need him, so I hope this goal helps him in that regard.”

Eriksen’s time at Intel appeared to have risen in December, when Intel director Beppe Marotta said he wanted to sell him aggressively in the January transfer window.

“Eriksen is on the transfer list, [director] The clown Ausio was confirmed as well, “Marotta said at the time. “He’s struggling to settle down on the team and it’s not functional for the team.

“It’s just an objective fact. It’s not an insult to his professionalism, there’s no punishment. It’s a developed situation and it’s fair to go to a place where he can play more regularly.”

However, Conte said he may have found a suitable position for Eriksen within the manager’s intersystem. He added: “We have started a new tactical course with him. He is our only alternative. [Marcelo] Brozović.. “

Inter is in the Coppa Italia semi-finals, looking for the first major trophy since 2011, two points behind leader Milan at the Serie A table.

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He’s nice but shy He’s nice but shy

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