Hexia Early Access Starts on Steam

Hexia is a real-time strategy and management game, and your job as king of the kingdom is to create and expand territories, build new infrastructure, command and guide people. You will face events that appear to you as an opportunity for improvement or as an unexpected situation to overcome, and your choices will allow your kingdom to gain a place in the world with worthy success. Is the basis for.

Hexa’s universe is full of unexpected surprises and mysteries to be discovered.A deep and clear story lurks behind All events,and Every decision you make has an impact About the continuation of world conspiracy and the resources of the kingdom. The game starts with the humility of one tile and is constantly evolving. Each game has the potential to create an empire that will withstand the rest of the time.

The game is currently live and can be accessed early on Steam. Start playing here.


  • Hexia is an instant and intuitive game: Create a huge kingdom and increase wealth and population
  • Each choice has a real impact on the events that take place throughout the game...Help aristocrats, imprison witches, or avoid building better roads-your actions affect the outcome of the game
  • Single player mode focused on managing your kingdom..Enjoy the events that will shape your new world
  • The world of hex offers you a challengeIt’s up to you to decide whether to complete them or slowly erode your empire
  • Each game will never be the same as the previous game
  • A game under constant development.. “We are a small team of two, but we believe in our work and take it seriously.”

Check the operation of Hexia below.

If you want to get involved, we encourage you to follow Black Mastiff Studio on social media. “Contributions are essential to making Hexia even more fun and beautiful,” says Black Mastiff Studio.

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