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59 Job Ads for Experienced Managers and Executives Throughout Europe From the Hidden Jobs Market by Career Angels

This week we investigated Job ads for executives The following 59 gems were found throughout Europe:

  • [PL] General Manager – Poland, Ukraine, Baltic States @Lego group
  • [SK] ISO Sales Engineering Transformation Director @ Lenovo
  • [PL] Head of HR @ GreenCell
  • [SL] Novartis Global Project Manager
  • [BE] Data science director @ Deloitte

A complete list of job ads from the job market hidden here:

→ General management

[SE] CEO [posted: Sep 20, 2021]
A fast-growing Scandinavian private equity fund car wash group with a digital platform.
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[PL] Managing director [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
Cost Reduction Analyst – Global

[PL] General Manager – Poland, Ukraine, Baltic States [posted: Sep 17, 2021]
Lego group

[BE] Managing Director – Fintech Startup [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[RO] Country manager [posted: Sep 17, 2021]
Antal International

[DE] Vice President of Agency DACH [posted: Sep 19, 2021]
RTB House

[IT] general manager [posted: Sep 16, 2021]

→ Sales & Marketing

[PL] Product Management Director (Data Protection) [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[PL] Product Management Director (Cyber ​​Security) [posted: Sep 14, 2021]

[PL] Vendor manager [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[SK] ISO Sales Engineering Transformation Director [posted: Sep 19, 2021]

[BE] EMS-Director of Marketing-EMEA & LATAM [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
ZOLL Medical Corporation

[FR] Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications [posted: Sep 16, 2021]

[FR] Vice President of Sales – EMEA [posted: Sep 14, 2021]

[AT] Global Lead Software Sales [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Speech processing solution

→ HR & related

[PL] Senior Talent Acquisition Manager / Director [posted: Sep 13, 2021]
EPAM Systems

[PL] Talent Management Director [posted: Sep 18, 2021]
Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

[PL] Head HR [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
Green cell

[RO] EE People Director [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[DE] Talent Strategy Business Partner – Operations [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[DE] Talent Strategy Business Partner – Operations [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

→ Management and finance

[SE] CFO [posted: Sep 20, 2021]
Innovative Swedish solar energy company.
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[HU] Global Payroll Director [posted: Sep 17, 2021]

[HU] Director of Global Sustainability Reporting, Compliance and Analytics [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Schneider Electric

[BG] Vice President of Finance – EMEA [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Adecco Group

[BE] Director, International Rewards and Benefits [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
Brunswick Corporation

[BE] Director Data Analysis-Life Sciences & Healthcare [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[EE] Regional Tax Bureau Director [posted: Sep 20, 2021]

[DE] Strategic Account EMEA Director [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[DK] Vice President of Strategic Planning and Finance [posted: Sep 17, 2021]

[DK] Regional Tax Bureau Director [posted: Sep 20, 2021]

[IT] Chief financial officer [posted: Sep 20, 2021]

→ Other

[PL] BI Solution Design Director [posted: Sep 18, 2021]
JLL Technologies

[HU] Controls the warranty conversion manager [posted: Sep 14, 2021]

[HU] Supply chain director [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Emerson automation solution

[SL] Front End Engineering Director [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
Reciprocity, Inc

[SL] Global Project Manager [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[CZ] Senior Director Managed Services and Solution Support [posted: Sep 15, 2021]
Zebra Technologies

[UA] Consulting director [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[UA] Software Engineering Director [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Cloud bed

[BG] Head of Backend Engineering – Python [posted: Sep 14, 2021]

[BE] Director change management [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[BE] Frog Customer First – Innovation, Strategy, Design Lead [posted: Sep 17, 2021]
Capgemini invention

[BE] Enterprise Architecture Director [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[BE] Senior Proposal Director-Europe [posted: Sep 17, 2021]

[BE] Technology Director – Advanced Display and Projection [posted: Sep 14, 2021]

[BE] Major industry professionals, public sector and higher education (EMEA) [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[BE] Director – Global Corporate Communication [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
ENGIE impact

[BE] Data science director [posted: Sep 18, 2021]

[BE] Secretary-General | EuLA [posted: Sep 19, 2021]
Accord Group Belgium

[RO] Senior Director, Partner Services Division [posted: Sep 18, 2021]
Choice Hotels International

[RO] Sustainability Mondelēz [posted: Sep 16, 2021]
Mondelez International

[DE] Principal PMT – Customer Review [posted: Sep 19, 2021]

[DE] Business Development Director-Association (EMEA) [posted: Sep 14, 2021]
Plume Design Co., Ltd.

[DE] PR & Corporate Communication Director [posted: Sep 20, 2021]
Global Savings Group

[IT] Category Head-Dishwashing [posted: Sep 20, 2021]
Electrolux Professional

[IT] Customer Success Senior Director [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

[IT] Associate Director, Submission Operations Management Lead – EMEA [posted: Sep 17, 2021]

[AT] Global GxP / Quality Incident Management Director [posted: Sep 15, 2021]

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→ Last 7 days

The above list only covers “fresh” classified ads for the last 7 days. If you’re actively looking for a job, it’s a good idea to also check out the hidden job market gems from the previous week. This is because job ads may still be active. 35th week, 36th week, 37th week..

→ Application

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→ About

Purpose of this post Provides experienced managers and executives with access to the so-called “hidden” employment market “Genuine” classified ads In Europe – Focuses on opportunities for international candidates who speak English.

why ” “?

  • Job ads for executives can be professional ads. That is, the position is already filled, but you need to post the position for internal processes.
  • They can help you study the market and competitors
  • There can be a large number of applicants (the higher the position, the less opportunity and the more competition). This means that if you haven’t participated in a particular email batch, you won’t see your application.

If you are looking pretty aggressivelyWant access to the so-called “hidden employment market” – opportunities such as:

  • “Internet light” is rarely seen
  • Distributed by Word of mouth
  • Shared on the intranet
  • Will be processed by Executive search company
  • Comes directly from the company that contacts us to recommend senior candidates.

In other words, we share Job Advertising Jewels From different sources – separated by feature.

Hidden Job Market Y21W38 – Career Angel Blog Hidden Job Market Y21W38 – Career Angel Blog

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