Hideo Kojima also doesn’t like the Deathstrand PS5 being called Director’s Cut

Kojima would have given a different name to the upcoming extended re-release of Death Stranding.

The· DEATHS STRANDING Director’s Cut The announcement caused a bit of confusion because of the title, not because of its existence.

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As many pointed out at the time, calling the re-release of Death Stranding PS5 a director’s cut didn’t make much sense given Kojima’s complete creative control over the original release. In fact, the point was that the creators left Konami and Metal Gear behind to create something new, away from the control and expectations of Japanese publishers.

In fact, Kojima agrees with this idea. In a series of tweets, Kojima explained that he didn’t like being called a director’s cut.

“The director’s cut of the film is an additional edit to the shortened version that was reluctantly released, either because the director didn’t have the right to edit it, or because it needed to reduce execution time,” he explained.

“The game contained additional creations rather than cut ones. [Director’s] plus? So, in my opinion, I don’t want to call it a “director’s cut.” “

In fact, Death Stranding Director’s Cut introduces many new additions, including a new shooting and melee mechanics mechanism, new story missions, and more. After its release, developer Kojima Productions revealed that all new content was created for Director’s Cut, not cut from the original release.

Of course, this all raises the question: why doesn’t Kojima call it Death Stranding Director’s Plus?

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is only available on PS5 and will be available on September 24th.


Hideo Kojima too doesn’t like that Death Stranding PS5 is called Director’s Cut

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