Hideo Kojima wants to become an astronaut and get into a short orbit

Hideo Kojima poses with the model of a future spaceship.

Send Kojima to space.
Photo: Ubisoft Neilson Bernard / Getty Images ((((Getty Images)

If Jeff Bezos and William Shatner can go If you go to space, someone will surely be able to take Hideo Kojima there. He really really wants to go.While hosting a recent press screening Soho last nightThe game creator once again emphasized his desire to be an astronaut.

according to Oricon, While talking Yume, Kojima said, “I want to be an astronaut.”

“JAXA [Japan’s version of NASA] We are accepting applications and are thinking about what to do, “he added. “That’s what I’m worried about because I have to quit my job.”

This is not the first time Kojima has talked about his desire to go to space. NS Deputy The game creator points out that in a 2009 essay recently published in his book, he talked about his dream of becoming an astronaut. Creative Gene:

If you have only one wish in your life, and if you can cast a magic spell and achieve something, you will not hesitate to “go to space before you die.” It doesn’t have to be as luxurious as a trip to the moon or Mars. You will be satisfied with only a short orbit that can gently stroke outer space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. I give up anything to make that wish come true. My current position as a game designer that I have built up for 45 years. I am even preparing to abandon my family and my life.It’s more than how powerful I am we— Longing for space.

Kojima will give up anything to make it happen, including his current position in the gaming industry, and will be completely happy with the short space orbit! He doesn’t have to go to the Moon or Mars — beyond the Earth’s atmosphere he’s okay. Can some millionaires take Hideo Kojima to space? He will definitely have a good time! make it happen.

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