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Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Required credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

The Philadelphia Eagles need to look closely at head coach Doug Pederson.

After falling on the road to Arch’s rival Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Eliminated from playoff competition. Entering the 17th week, one man who is under considerable surveillance becomes the head coach Doug Pederson..

In 2020, the previous second-place overall pick fell Carson Wentz The Eagles now start quarterbacks.Since then he has given way to the second round pick Jalen Hurts..Hearts has made some promises, but he’s not consistent enough to keep the Eagles alive in the worst division races. NFL this year. Pederson has lost many assistants, but he is responsible for the repeated failures of his team.

Three head coach candidates to replace Doug Pederson of Philadelphia


Todd Bowls

Defense coordinator Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Had Todd Bowles It’s quite possible he’s still the NFL head coach, as he chose a better entry point as the NFL head coach than the highly dysfunctional New York Jets. Getting out of Dodge was the best thing Bowles could do to rejuvenate his head coach candidacy.He may be waiting for a coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers, He could be useful for teams like the Eagles.

Aggressive head coaches are all the rage, but there are problems with the last two notable in Philadelphia.Yes, the Eagles have won many games under Chip Kelly Bouncy ball 52 under Pederson. However, it wasn’t long before Boubird appeared and turned on the Eagles head coach forever. You can’t be as prepared for this as a flightless jet.

What Bowles brings to this Eagles team is a sense of accountability and a lack of qualification. Again, he has no personal attachment to the players on the roster. If he goes through the doors of the Eagles facility, they either with him or oppose him. The best part is that he can gather strong offensive staff around him while he establishes a defensive identity.

Indeed, 2021 is a bit too early for Bowles to deserve a serious head coaching opportunity. So he’ll be the head coach of the NFL again someday, but he’s contributed too much to the success of the Buccaneers. He probably can’t leave Florida’s Gulf Coast right away because it’s so much fun to work with Bruce Alliance head coach and aggressive coordinator Byron Leftwich. Eventually he will.

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Hire three perfect head coaches to replace Doug Pederson in 2021 Hire three perfect head coaches to replace Doug Pederson in 2021

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