Hitman 3 Hands-on Preview-Assassination Sandbox

Hitman 3 – Next Generation Assassination (Photo: IO Interactive)

The game’s most deadly assassin is preparing to complete the IO Interactive restart trilogy as the series prepares for the debut of the next generation.

Hitman 3 marks the end of the era of silent assassins. This is the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy and the culmination of the spy thriller story that began with the restart of Hitman in 2016. Developed by the original creator of the Hitman franchise, Danish studio IO Interactive, this work is also the company’s first release as an independent publisher and may be their best work so far.

Hitman games are always enjoying cult fans thanks to the penalties of stealth games, but Hitman 3 is a completely accessible introduction for new players and enjoys the ability to take over all unlocks. It feels like a revised retrospective for veterans. Character progression from the previous game. At the time of release, Hitman 3 will give you access to the entire trilogy if you already own the first two titles. This will bring the total number of stages up to 20.

Hitman 3 sees Agent 47 reunited with like-minded assassin Lucas Gray, both supported by ICA handler Diana Burnwood. We recommend that you complete the mission at the location of the ICA facility and finally complete the final test (assassination on a boat moored in Cuba). This is a dedicated tutorial area where you can learn or relearn Hitman. Sharpened stealth mechanics.

To assist new players, each location includes: Mission story This breaks down the mission into some simpler and more straightforward goals. Not sure how to get to the Sultan’s suite? The mission guide will guide you through the staff quarters for shortcuts. Veterans can turn off this guidance and pursue high-risk plans such as skydiving from skyscrapers, but only after getting a post-mission ranking will they notice the amount of content they missed and return immediately. I am urged to try again. ..

Hitman games are easier than ever and can even be played casually. By saving as much as possible, Hitman 3 can still be very demanding for a cautious player. Save scumming (a method of creating multiple saves) allows you to create a gameplay branch to investigate the impact of your actions. It usually feels like cheating in other games, but here it seems to be the wisest and most convenient way to experiment.

Planning a mission can be helpful, but it takes a lot of time and patience to plan every detail, and minor miscalculations such as being blind or misdressed warn security. It may interfere with your work.

Agent 47 launches each Hitman 3 mission with a new multifunctional camera that not only takes reconnaissance photos and reveals information, but also acts as a high-tech picking and hacking tool. You can now unlock permanent shortcuts that can only be unlocked from one direction, such as the camera, but also ladders and doors, and will remain open during subsequent playthroughs. It’s like Dark Souls.

This quickly turned out to be very convenient, and the range of options could be changed significantly so that we could return to the smuggled goods stash. It is important to hide the items you collect, such as melee mines and other weapons. It’s because you have to go to a specific place and search, otherwise there is no way to get them. With these options, Hitman 3 feels much more immersive and interactive than previous versions and has a longer lifespan.

Hitman 3 – Dartmoor settings look properly dark (Photo: IO Interactive)

The new preview demo mission begins with a movie cutscene explaining plot points, characters, and important places. The game was released with a new console and the last generation (and switches via streaming), it already looks great on PCs, and thanks to the addition of screen space reflections, skyscraper windows and sliverware have been refined. Has been done. The environment drips with attention to the details of a normal Hitman. This is even more impressive considering how interactive everything is.

Hitman 3 also adds a number of screens that show experience progress and playstyle ratings. This may seem overwhelming at first, but it can be very useful as you progress through the mission to find the best solution for each situation.

Although the demo was only done on PC, Hitman 3 will support PlayStation VR in all 20 locations at launch. Playing in VR forces a first-person view, where IO expects the player to be even more immersive. Slow game pace should avoid the problem of VR sickness, but strangling with bare hands can cause your own discomfort.

Whether it’s a completionist dream or the worst nightmare, Hitman 3 doesn’t deviate significantly from the previous two games, and its quality and the fact that it’s not a new gimmick, but a new place to add the most to the game. Given that, it’s only natural. , That’s exactly how most fans want it.

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Format: PC (previewed), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, Stadia
Publisher: IO Interactive
Developer: IO Interactive
Release Date: January 20, 2021

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Hitman 3 hands-on preview – assassination sandbox

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