Hitman 3 packs the entire reboot trilogy into less than 100GB of storage

The alleged developer has informed fans that Hitman 3 is clearly not that big. The entire trilogy fits less than 100GB and includes all content.

Hitman 3 We are making progress to reduce the amount of storage space we occupy. The game and its two first parts together occupy about 100GB including all DLC. This is great news in the modern video gaming environment. Files are getting bigger and bigger, and expansion cards are ridiculously expensive. call of Duty He is a particularly notorious criminal in this regard.First-person shooter franchise unleashes some really huge game files these days Black Ops Cold War take up Approximately 135GB on next-generation console..

Hitman 3 There is not much in common with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarHowever, there are many reasons to occupy a lot of console space. Upcoming stealth titles are preparing to bring the franchise’s iconic assassin agent 47 to some truly remarkable exotic locations.I’ve already seen the famous Hitman for the first 5 minutes Arrive at the tallest skyscraper in the world, And that is the first mission. It seems that a lot of processing power will be needed to design these elaborate set pieces and fill them with the dynamic NPCs and interactive tools that fans have come to expect from the assassination world trilogy. ..

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But apparently the good people at IO Interactive are very good at slimming.Recently, a post has surfaced ResetEra A forum that looks like from a developer. A user titled A Path Finder claims: Hitman 3 The entire World of Assassination trilogy has been streamlined to use only 100GB. This is less than any particular AAA game currently on the market, including the ones mentioned above. call of Duty.. This is a remarkable feat for such heavy-duty titles.

Hitman-Agent with Sniper Rifle 47

There are certainly a lot of things stealth fans are looking forward to Hitman 3..Developers, for example, the location of Chongqing The most visually impressive series ever.. With so much content, I’m wondering how IO Interactive could be so slim. However, keep in mind that the forum members who posted this update only claim to be members of the development team. They haven’t been verified (though they admit it should be) and fans really only have their words. Still, the file size of future games isn’t particularly bold as false claims on the Internet progress.

Fans will know for themselves how big Hitman 3 It’s really time for the game to be released later this month. Hopefully not only content like Burj Khalifa and Chongqing settings, Amazing addition of VR compatibility, Hitman 3 No matter how much space you take, it’s worth the wait.

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Source: ResetEra

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Hitman 3 packs the entire reboot trilogy into less than 100GB of storage

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