Hitman 3 reduces the file size of the trilogy to 100GB and updates the graphics of previous games

Hitman 3 seems to optimize the memory usage of the stealth game trilogy and retroactively improve the previous two installations. The developers of IO Interactive have commented that future games will turn IO work with Agent 47 into a neat little package.

In a ResetEra thread, validated members of the IO Interactive team discussed the technical details of an action-adventure game. Perhaps the most appropriate information is that Hitman 3 will reduce the total file size of the trilogy to 100GB or so. “We were able to significantly reduce the size of the game. Developers will have all three games, including all content, occupy about 100 GB,” he further explains. “The biggest achievements are due to data management and file structure, and the way the game is delivered so that duplicate data can be removed. We also use new and excellent compression for textures, which also helps. “

This isn’t the only upgrade done with the 47 latest escapes, Hitman and Hitman 2 will get fresh paint as well. “We upgraded the engine with screen space reflection,” says the developer. “The best? It’s backward compatible with the previous two games in the trilogy, and many surfaces have been upgraded.”

The latter is certainly a plus, but space consolidation is a relief. The episodic structure of IO’s Hitman game means what you have with DLC, occupying a significant portion of your hard drive of about 110GB by making it easy to play. If you put the three below together, they all look good and still run smoothly, but they’re very attractive.

This thread was born out of Game Informer’s release of Hitman 3-5 minutes of gameplay, which you can see here.

IO Interactive has already released its next project, the James Bond game, strangely known as Project 007. It’s been over two weeks since the release date of Hitman3.

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