Hitman 3’s opening cinematic shows how the game concludes the trilogy

The conclusion of the current Hitman trilogy, Hitman 3, was released on January 20th and is now the first movie to be released. However, if you haven’t finished the first two games, it’s a good idea to do so before you watch.

The trailer shows that Agent 47 is teaming up with shadow client Lucas Gray while chasing Providence together. The organization has pulled a lot of strings behind the scenes throughout the trilogy, and Gray was a lot of enemies in the first two games, but things changed at the end of Hitman 2.

You can watch the full movie above and be excited about the release of Hitman 3 early next year. The trailer also gives you a quick glimpse of the outside of the Dubai map building, which will be the first mission.

Hitman 3 recently received details about a new gameplay trailer and PS VR options specifically for the PS4 version (you have to buy it instead of the PS5 version anyway because you get a free upgrade — as long as you buy digitally ).

Hitman 3 will also appear on Nintendo Switch in the United States via cloud gaming.

再生中: ヒットマン3-公式オープニングシネマティックトレーラー


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