Hitman: Absolution Opening Cinematic Places Providence on Agent 47’s Cross Cross

Patrick Dane, Tuesday, December 15, 2020 16:58 GMT

Get a fresh hit of IO murder simulator.

Hitman is probably the least known of the story. Franchises more often put their emergent and sandbox gameplay first and then their mysteries. But it felt like it started to change in Hitman 2. The main bad guys were properly identified and all major players seemed ready for the conflict.

It’s clear that IO Interactive has broader narrative ambitions for Agent 47. Hitman 3 It looks like you’re ready to confront the characters with Providence, a secret mysterious group that dominates world affairs from the shadows.

The developers have now given fans a spy plot that the series has come to define through their new opening cinematic. Agent 47 is less well known as a speaker, so Lucas Gray makes up the bulk of the conversation here.

The film also doubles this central storyline, with Lucas and 47 appearing to be looking for the rest of Providence. We’ve finally reached the bottom of the guys who were the last of these two games, and all that seems to be left is old-fashioned revenge.

The film shows several places, from beautiful deserts to nights in Saudi Arabia to halodrops that look like towers in the clouds.

Hitman 3 is set at the end of the “Assassination World” trilogy, which began in 2016. The third game, set on January 20, 2021, will be coming soon. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. A special cloud version of the game will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

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Hitman 3’s opening cinematic puts Providence in Agent 47’s crosshairs

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