Hitman is currently participating in GOG, but has been accused of lacking offline capabilities

Good news!Hitman: Game of the Year Edition 70% off on GOG now.. Bad news! This game requires an internet connection for so many single player features that DRM-free digital store customers are really angry.

A note at the top of Hitman’s GOG store page says, “You need an internet connection to access escalation missions, elusive targets, or user-created contracts. Stories and bonus missions can be played offline.” It has been described as. Further down the page, there are many 1/5 star reviews, pointing out that features such as “unlock weapons, items, costumes, departure points, etc.” also require the internet. increase.

The main selling point of GOG as a store is to offer games in a DRM-free format. If you object to restrictions on legally purchased software, if you are concerned about long-term ownership in the event of a service outage, or if you want to be able to play games without the need for internet connectivity, DRM -Free is an attractive option.

The problem is that as the number of technically “DRM-free” games grows, internet connectivity is required for all sorts of non-trivial features. Hitman in it.

Reviews about GOG alternate in Hitman developer IO Interactive by not creating better offline options, and in GOG intersect by putting Hitman probably in a DRM-free store.

“It’s the only valuable AAA stealth game in a few years (as long as you disable hints and X-ray vision), but at least after more than five years, IO refuses to implement the proper offline mode. You don’t have to be online to unlock new equipment, starting locations, costumes, etc., “writes user HeavyAugmented. “In other words, playing the game offline means that you will never unlock new content and you should always start with the default loadout of a regular suit and a silent pistol. ”

Write on the store forum, GOG representative “Chandra” Replyed to thread about complaints:

Thank you for paying attention to this topic. under investigation. Will be updated within a few weeks. If you purchase HITMAN and are not satisfied with the released version, you can use the right to refund the game. At the same time, we are accepting informative discussions and feedback, but will not tolerate the bombing of reviews and will remove posts that do not comply with the review guidelines.

NS The post became clear later The GOG is “Review guidelines“.

Hitman isn’t the first game to rebel against GOG viewers. User Liftrasil edited last year’s list of GOG’s single-player games that the community considers to have DRM. Including Cyberpunk 2077, Battletech, North Guard, etc...

It’s also worth considering that all of Hitman 1 is included in an updated format with Hitman 2. Great hitman 3 –Hitman3 hasn’t joined GOG yet.

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