Hitman March 3 roadmap revealed, featuring a deal between Easy Allies and

Developer IO Interactive has announced the March 2021 roadmap for Hitman 3. The following batch of content, available for free to almost all players, includes new weapons, elusive targets, escalation missions, and contracts between Easy Allies and for game outlets.

Hitman 3’s March content begins with a Leslie Celebration Escalation mission in which players assassinate various targets within a nightclub in Berlin. March 11th marks the beginning of the first series of featured contracts for Hitman 3 by Easy Allies. The media company takes players to a number of unknown missions through the Chinese municipality of Chongqing.

From March 19th to 25th, players will be able to track the elusive targets of stowaways on Sgale Island. Following this event, there is a series of notable contracts by : On March 25, this publication takes players to the Argentine city of Mendoza for several unknown missions.

Two big Hitman 3 events will take place at the end of March. An escalation mission exclusively for owners of the Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition and an Easter season event to collect eggs in Berlin. The former is entitled “Satu Mare Delirium” and leaves the player to escape from high security facilities. Upon completion of the mission, the straitjacket, Taunton darts gun, and straitjacket belt will be unlocked. On the other hand, in Berlin Egg Hunt, players are hunting eggs around Berlin. The event will run from March 30th to April 12th, and upon completion of the event, Labor’s costumes will be unlocked.

Check out the following for this month’s Hitman 3 schedule:

Hitman 3 March 2021 Content Roadmap.

In other Hitman 3 news, IO Interactive released a new patch for the game in February 2021. This adds new clothing items such as a tactical turtleneck, a deluxe edition owner’s contest, and a variety of quality of life improvements.

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