Hoa launches for Switch in April 2021 to debut gameplay trailer

Hoa, a puzzle platformer, was announced for Switch earlier this year. Today’s Indie World Showcase has provided an update, revealing the April 2021 release window. In addition, PM Studio will be open to the public.

Information about Hoa is as follows:

Hoa is a beautiful puzzle platform game featuring breathtaking hand-painted art, lovely music, and a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Experience the magic of nature and imagination as you travel through a breathtaking environment and play the main character, Hoa, who returns to where everything started.

Main functions of HOA:

Breathtaking hand-painted art
Step into a living painting – explore the vast world of landscapes created with the utmost care of stunning hand-painted art.

Outstanding original soundtrack
Enchanting storytelling and emotional Hoa’s extraordinary score, originally composed and live-recorded, brings the world to life with a nostalgic touch.

Nice creature
Keep an eye out for fun magical creatures along the way. Most of them want to be friends, some may tell you a little. We guarantee cuteness.

Gentle yet compelling flow
Navigate with a keen eye and solve exploration-based puzzles. Relax in the organic rhythm of subtle storytelling while being intrigued by the endless little wonders. Become a kid – easier and harder than it looks.

And the debut gameplay trailer:

Source: PM Studios PR

Hoa launches for Switch in April 2021, debut gameplay trailer

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