Hogwarts Legacy lead designer quits after YouTube channel controversy

Lead Designer of Avalanche Software Hogwarts LegacyThe open-world Harry Potter adventure, scheduled to begin in 2022, has left the project. Troy Levitt, who supported Gamergate’s sympathy and other far-right cultural criticisms on the YouTube channel, said he broke up with the avalanche Thursday night and will elaborate on it later in a YouTube video.

On Twitter, Levitt said he wanted to leave the avalanche in good condition and resign “for the reasons explained in the next video.” “There’s only good to say about games, development teams, and WB games,” he said.

Hogwarts Legacy It has been controversial since its announcement in September, primarily due to the recent transphobia statement and writing history of Harry Potter creator JK Rowling.In response, the WB game specified in the FAQ published after September 16th of the game reveals that rolling itself is not directly involved. Hogwarts LegacyStory or development.

And on February 19th, did you know the game?Liam Robertson Called attention On Leavitt’s four-year-old YouTube channel, about 60 videos show severe right-wing criticism of pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, other feminists, and social justice advocates in general. Some of Leavitt’s videos also sympathized with Gamergate, a six-year-old reactionary harassment campaign aimed at feminists, progressive, and other voices of social justice who develop or comment on video games.

In one video, Leavitt told Utah-based Avalanche and WB Games employers about his YouTube channel and its content, neither of which seemed to worry. “Of course, they don’t support what I said, but at least they seem to be more interested in making good games than promoting some sort of social justice agenda. Therefore, there is hope. “

In response, the popular video game forum ResetEra frequently shares trailers, screenshots, and other promotional materials for games under development. Hogwarts Legacy from now on.

Then, earlier this week, Bloomberg reported: Hogwarts Legacy Includes gender-independent character creation options. This allows users to create player characters with voices, shapes, or gender expressions that are not constrained to each other.

According to a Bloomberg report, other developers at Avalanche Software are “sad and frustrated” by the controversy caused by the game, which is more than a year away from launch, and project management says the developers are transinclusive characters. It is reported to have resisted attempts to deploy creators. In the game.

Polygon is seeking additional comments from Leavitt and WB Games representatives. WB Games confirmed to Polygon that Leavitt “decided to leave Avalanche Software” and declined further comments.

Hogwarts Legacy In 2022, it will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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