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Holiday shoppers may skip traditional sales to avoid supply chain disruption

U.S. shoppers have seen supply chain malfunctions cause inventory shortages in recent months, so nervous consumers are traditional to avoid high prices, out-of-stocks, and delays in delivery. We are beginning to change our purchasing habits ahead of the peak holiday season. A new study shows.

NS Consumer research by enterprise software vendor Oracle Indicates that 52% of Americans have already started or plan to shop earlier than usual. In addition, 20% plan to order more gifts in case some are delayed or canceled, and 34% say they will buy more gift cards this year.

Many consumers are willing to wait for store holidays or special sales, so these changes can affect even some of the traditional foundations of the winter shopping rush. Only 37% of shoppers say they will be attending an Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday sale, and only 26% will attend a Cyber ​​Monday event.

A survey conducted by consulting firm Untold Insights surveyed 5,728 consumers worldwide in September 2021, including 512 in the United States.

According to the answer, shoppers are worried that the item may not be available or it may take too long to arrive, leaving them with an empty box. Others are stressed about thieves. 32% fear that pirates on the pouch may steal luggage that arrives at home.

And when shoppers feel stressed, retailers may feel pain. Consumers in the survey said they would judge retailers by their ability to provide inventory on demand. According to the numbers, 40% agree that out-of-stock items make up a poor shopping experience, 38% say they are attracted to brands / companies based on the availability of items, and 22% are retailers. Don’t wait for replenishment before going somewhere.

“As you can see in the news, supply chain challenges are a global reality,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Retail, in the release: “Accountability is the game. Retailers need to have a clear picture of their inventory, a realistic schedule of fulfillment, and a plan to communicate clearly throughout the ordering and delivery process. Through transparency and execution, retailers Merchants can gain trust with their customers and build potential for future loyalty. “

Holiday shoppers may skip traditional sales to avoid supply chain disruption Holiday shoppers may skip traditional sales to avoid supply chain disruption

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