Holistic Alcohol and Drug Rehabs – All You Should Know

Alcohol and drug addiction affect millions of people globally. However, most addicts shy away from seeking help, and others seek rehab services when it’s too late. There are different rehab facilities offering various treatment therapies. Nowadays, most people opt for luxury or holistic rehab services due to the exceptional services. These facilities offer a holistic approach to treatment and are different from conventional rehabs.

Holistic treatment -What is it all about?

Holistic treatment refers to a “whole-body approach” whereby treatment therapies focus on the mind, body and the physical aspect of the patient. Holistic treatment caters to all aspects of the patient’s needs and may include fitness, group counseling, nutrition, massage, and many other therapies for a patient’s overall health.

What do I need to know about holistic rehabilitation?

Holistic rehabs attract addicts who may be uncomfortable with conventional rehab facilities. Most people are unwilling to seek help from regular rehab facilities. However, holistic treatment centers draw many patients due to the associated comfort.

These facilities offer various research-based treatments and make an addict feel at ease while undergoing treatment. Also, they offer a better response to recovery since most therapies complement each other.

Holistic addiction treatment is very effective. 

As mentioned earlier, holistic addiction treatment incorporates different therapies to cater to a patient’s entire being. There are various aspects of care ranging from detox, nutrition, fitness, and many other therapies. Since treatment focuses on all aspects of the body, the treatment is believed to offer favorable treatment outcomes.

There are different therapies offered in holistic rehab

Holistic treatment involves various aspects of care, and these help expedite recovery. Examples of therapies offered may include but are not limited to;


Meditation is also referred to as mindfulness and is the practice of being fully present at the moment without being overwhelmed by emotions. There are various ways to practice mindfulness; you can do this while seated, walking, or standing.

Why is meditation important in addiction recovery? The practice allows one to focus on their breath and notice thoughts as they arise. It helps minimize stress and anxiety, thus improving reactive behaviors. It also encourages healthy coping skills, which is vital for addicts.

Nutritional therapy 

Nutrition plays a critical role in addiction recovery. It furnishes your body with the essential nutrients required for optimal body functioning. You’re likely to fight off infections and respond well to treatment with a proper diet. Also, some food types help deal with cravings, making it easy to overcome addiction.


Exercise offers numerous benefits. It helps ease stress and relieves your mind of depression and negative thoughts. Exercising also offers physical and emotional benefits and helps with motor skills and coordination. You’ll get different activities in a holistic rehab facility. These may range from jogging, swimming, hiking, canoeing, sports, etc.

Massage and Acupuncture

Massage and acupuncture help relax the body and mind after an extended substance use duration.

Final thoughts

Holistic rehabs offer multiple therapies to deal with addiction. The amenities are luxurious, and many seek the facilities due to their comfort and convenience. If you’re seeking a rehab facility in your state, examine the treatment options offered and choose a legitimate facility.


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