Homelander’s most horrific murder could never show up in the show

Homelander’s most brutal murder is so disgusting and messed up that it’s almost certain that he will never appear on a TV show.

warning!spoiler the boys The following comic series and TV series.

The most horrific murder by Homelander To the boys Comic books can be cruel and scary to appear in a television series. Issue 40 reveals the homelander’s heroic past. He can be seen tearing real people, including babies, and eating feasts. However, it later became clear that the patriotic and psychotic villains were not really responsible (some sort).

To both the boys Homelander, a series of television and cartoons, is one of the scariest and most dangerous Supermans in life. Homelander, a parody of Superman, is no more morally different from Man of Steel. His ego and impatience have killed hundreds of people, Includes the time he refused to save the children by plane It’s full of people hijacked because it could ruin his image. Homelander is a bad guy, and terrible upbringing does not allow the atrocities he regularly commits as a bastion of hope. Believe it or not, his behavior is worse in manga.

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the boysGarth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Tony Avigna, and Simon Bowland’s cartoons revealed horrifying things about Homelander in Series 40. In the scene, Vought-American executive James Sitwell analyzes the incident to senior executive Jessica Bradley at Homelander over 20 years ago. Described as a unique, one-off event, it became clear that Homelander was once pushed too far away, which led to him eating and tearing people. Most annoyingly, he ate a newborn baby (the image is too scary to include in this post).


on the other hand the boys Amazon series I wasn’t shy to show the incredibly messed up and violent scenes of the comics, such as Homelander eating a baby in live action. It’s too disgusting, it’s just too much impact, so it’s not worth adapting.In addition, the cartoon reveals that Black Noir is actually a homelander Duplicated and committed his worst atrocities-and the show seems to be on a different path than the character, so it’s possible that a cannibalistic homelander (actually Black Noir) happened in the show’s universe. Is low.

Finally, the scene from the boys’ Comics are one of the most evil things ever printed on comics. It’s best to remain only as a comic book moment, as the show has no clear advantage or need to adapt it. the boys The TV series isn’t afraid to be exaggerated or ruined when it comes to bringing comics to life, Homelander You shouldn’t eat babies-and probably never- See the light of day at the show..

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Homelander’s most horrific murder could never show up in the show

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