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In October 2020, Honda announced that it would unplug the F1 program after the 2021 season after supplying the first McLaren, then Alpha Tauri and Red Bull with hybrid power units for seven years.

As a result, Red Bull brought engine development in-house at the Milton Keynes campus, attracting staff from Honda and various rival teams to lead the new Red Bull powertrain division.

After many years of fighting McLaren, Honda eventually improved the engine significantly, allowing Red Bull to compete with the dominant Mercedes team, and Max Verstappen in a dramatic title showdown with Lewis Hamilton in 2021. Made it possible to win the world championship.

Honda F1 Director Yamamoto agreed with that sentiment when Autosport asked if Honda quit F1 too early just as Honda began to earn its labor rewards.

“Personally, I agree,” Yamamoto said. “But this is clearly a company decision, and we understand which direction the company wants to go, so we must eventually accept it.

“But we always have imagination, so I hope Honda will return to F1 someday.”

Yamamoto admitted that he was sad to see Honda go, but winning the drivers’ championship at Verstappen was “satisfied, not reassuring”, and Honda eventually achieved its goal and opened an unfinished business. He said he wouldn’t leave it.

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen celebrates arrival at Parc Ferme in 1st place

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“It’s sad, of course, but I knew this from October 2020, so I knew I had to push it forward in 2021,” he explained.

“We took a different idea and considered the decision in a different way. We tried to provide everything to do in the time left.

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“Last year I focused on winning the championship, but now I think I’ve finished my job in F1. I’ve achieved my goal within the time frame I set.

“First, we partnered with Toro Rosso, and a year later Red Bull entered the market.

“Our goal and their goal was to win the championship within three years. That’s a great story, especially since it happened in 2021 and we put a lot of effort into this.”

Mr. Yamamoto said that Honda will continue to support Red Bull’s “challenging” efforts to get the engine running properly in-house, and the 2022 engine specs were designed from a Japanese plant in Honda’s Sakura. He added that there is.

“It’s a Red Bull powertrain and supports getting good performance with AlphaTauri and Red Bull, but it certainly will be a different relationship,” he said.

“It’s rewarding, but it’s also true that we want to be a stronger and more integrated team by having everything in-house. As Honda, we want to be as resource-friendly as possible to make the project a success. I would like to support you. “

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Honda quit F1 early, says motorsport boss Yamamoto Honda quit F1 early, says motorsport boss Yamamoto

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