Hong Kong massacre is coming to switch this month

The Hong Kong Massacre, a stylish, brutal and difficult top-down action game that hit PS4 and PC in early 2019, is coming to Switch. A story of revenge with the influence of Hotline Miami on its sleeves, Shooter will be released on December 26th at the Nintendo Switch Eshop.

The public trailer below shows what the game will look like on Switch. This is very similar to the PS4 / PC version of the game. The game costs $ 20, but you can pre-order at a discount of $ 16.

Warning: As with the game itself, the trailers below are very violent.

This version of the game does not add any new features, but it is the only way to play the game on a portable system. In the meantime, you can get a free digital copy of the game’s soundtrack by signing up for the developer’s mailing list from the game’s website.

GameSpot’s 7/10 review of the Hong Kong Massacre was praised for its stylish action. “It’s a game that sticks to you when you’re not playing it, as you think through different approaches to the room you died last time,” the review said. “You often fail and repetition can tire you, but it’s hard to resist the temptation to burst a window and line up three kill shots perfectly.”

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