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Honor Magic V Foldable Phone First Glance Granted

Honor confirmed that he was actually working on the foldable by first officially glimpsing Honor Magic V.

It has been rumored for some time that the former Huawei subbrand was working on its own foldable phone.Honor Weibo In the next image.

This image does not show many of the devices, but you can get a glimpse of the hinge mechanism.This is what we do Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Instead of the more compact Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Well, honor doesn’t want to step on the toes of the former master, right?Is not Huawei P50 pocket Announced in just one day.

The Google Translate text that accompanies Weibo’s post says, “We have what you’re looking forward to,” and “Honor’s first foldable flagship … will be released soon.”

Then don’t expect Honor Magic V to be the world’s first foldable budget. Honor has transitioned from budget brand status as follows: Split with Huawei, And now it is producing a desirable flagship like Honor 50 And honor 60.

And if you’re not sure the Honor Magic V is a larger tablet-like foldable from this teaser, so-called so-called earlier this year Honor Magic Fold The device seems to have an 8.03 inch foldable display and a smaller 6.45 inch external display.

I’ll spend money on that phone, this Honor Magic V.

Honor Magic V Foldable Phone First Glance Granted Honor Magic V Foldable Phone First Glance Granted

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