Hood: Outlaws and Legends-Perform Perfect Heist on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on May 10, 2021

Hood: Outlaws and Legends It will be released on May 10, 2021 on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. PvPvE multiplayer games are a great opportunity to dig a little deeper into core gameplay, as we’ve just released a gameplay trailer and started pre-ordering on the Xbox store. Element of medieval robbery.

When we started designing the purpose of the showcase game mode, we got inspiration from all the best robbery movies. The general story is, in most cases, forming a team to carry out a “perfect” plan, a quiet approach when breaking through the vault, and an exciting (and usually noisy) when the team escapes. Good!) Loot that focused on three different phases of the finale.

From a gameplay perspective, these phases fit perfectly as they require different sets of skills and tactics depending on current goals and team composition. Stealth is an important element of the game, but it does not force players. Rather, the use of stealth is often because it imposes special abilities on the character in every silent assassination that it performs, without getting stuck to deal with the patrol of the warned guards, and moves towards the environment. In the case of, it is the best way to play. It’s also a better strategy if you don’t want to give up your position to the other team.

Infiltrate the base

The stealth approach is also the best way to get the key to that treasure trove. When you form a team, you will be provided with a map showing the sheriff’s patrol pass. This human mountain is heavily armored and an almost unstoppable enemy. If you are unhappy enough to get his attention, you can kill you instantly. The best approach for this purpose is to sneak quietly behind the sheriff and defeat all nearby guards before pickpocketing the vault key from his belt. You can achieve this without exacerbating the situation by hiding the bushes or using the access point away from the main path, but be aware that other outlaw teams have the same purpose. You have to pay.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Unlock the vault

With the vault key in hand, it’s time for the team to find and unlock the treasure vault door. The vaults are located in tightly guarded state buildings, keeps, Garrisons, and churches. Each is built on multiple floors with different access points, some of which are obvious, but if you want to enter the room without getting your attention, you often need a little more discovery or dialogue. Both Ranger and Hunter classes have ranged weapons that can be used to deploy climbable ropes for team use when you want to avoid a tightly guarded front door.

When you reach the vault door, you may be protected by a state knight or sentry. Engaging head-on with these enemies is likely to trigger an alarm, escalating the presence of AI in that area. A better technique is to whistle or throw rocks to seduce the guards and encourage them to investigate. This gives you the opportunity to assassinate them quietly from behind and access the vault without sounding an alarm.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Run away with treasure

Once the team has the treasure chest, they need to decide where to retrieve the treasure chest. Choosing the best location can depend on several factors, including: Closeness to the home spawn that captures the points you currently own (allowing the team to respawn), the path ahead (which guards may patrol frequently), and the type of cover provided by the extraction points. .. If your team doesn’t have long-range characters, it’s best to choose a zone that’s better suited for close quarters combat, and it’s less vulnerable to long-range sniper shots.

Even when moving to the extraction zone, you should consider your approach. When the State Defense Force looks at you with a treasure chest, it sounds an alarm, but it blocks the entire map rather than simply escalating the area. Once the lockdown is triggered, there is no turning back. You can expect heavier resistance from the more elite guards as they try to stop you from pulling out loot. Also, you will almost certainly give up your position to the other team. Now the battle to claim rewards begins!

Hood: Outlaws and Legends It will be released on May 10, 2021 on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Pre-order the game to receive 3 days of Early Access, play on May 7th, and receive a limited Forest Road Pack for 4 outlaws.

Food: Outlaws and Legends (Pre-order)

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Food: Outlaws and Legends (Pre-order)

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$ 29.99

Pre-order food: Receive Outlaws and Legends: • 3 Days Early Access – Start Playing May 7 • Forest Road Pack with Dedicated Skins! Defeat enemies with 4 outfits and 4 weapon skins to secure your position in the legend. We are all outlaws … but some of us are legendary. Faced with relentless, unchecked conditions, rebels and villains fight to claim their position in the legend. To win influence with oppressed people, rival gangs compete in bold robbery, which attacks wealthy people where it hurts. Only folk heroes or gold-hungry outlaws, the best, escape with hard-earned wealth. In a medieval environment patroled by deadly AI guards, two teams of four players compete to perform the perfect robbery. With each character’s unique skills and mysterious abilities, you can stealth and steal invisible treasures or dominate loud and brutal battles. Blood spills. Wealth is stolen. The legend will be reborn. • Defeat enemies with fierce PvPvE multiplayer robbery • Experience a violent medieval world where mysticism competes with artificial power and corruption • Demand loot and invest in perks, weapons and bold new looks • Post-launch support modes and events with new maps, characters, and games

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Execute the Perfect Heist on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on May 10, 2021

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