Hood: Outlaws and Legends Test Your Morality As Guardians

Hood: Outlaws & Legends doesn’t automatically make you and your friends a solid hero in Robin Hood mythology. After completing a mission and successfully stealing from the rich, you need to decide how much money you really want to give to the poor.

“After the match, I’ll show you what’s called the scale of justice,” Andrew Willans, game director at Hood: Outlaws & Legends, told me when asked about the story of the game. “That is, the gold you earn is in two pots, one for people and one for your pocket. You can move gold between these pots and decide where to distribute it.”

As Willance explains, the money you have for yourself can turn new cosmetic items, mystic poisonous gas bombs into healing bombs, and keep your teammates alive better. It can be used for in-game benefits.

On the other hand, returning money to the poor draws support from people and people help by giving cool improvements to your hideout-these improvements are additional cosmetics you can buy with the money you hold. And unlock the perks for yourself from later missions.

It may help you in the end, but if you selflessly give up buying personal improvements right away and invest in people, you can only get to the benefits and cosmetics later. .. It’s all about whether you want to work towards short-term or long-term goals, and whether you feel you deserve something a little extra for your troubles after a tough match.

“Most of the impact on Hood was like the idea of ​​anonymity and what makes modern vigilantism,” Willance said. “Are you fighting for justice, or are you just hurting those who are hurting you?”

These themes of vigilant justice also permeate the hood story. As a PvPvE multiplayer game, Hood does not have a traditional single player campaign. However, you can stitch the stories together by playing the game.

“There are many stories in the environment, so just walking around these maps will teach you a lot about how cruel the state is and what people have endured,” Willance said. .. “And you also collect things, so through robbery you unlock what we call a tapestry. You pick up a small piece of this tapestry for each of the protagonists, and for the sheriff. Well, the sheriff has a really interesting inside story-and those stories can be seen from the hideout. “

Willance compares the process of collecting tapestry fragments to the process of finding all the problems in a comic. Hood’s tapestry is inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry and features hand-painted pen and ink sketches, full-voice narration, and theme music.

“We actually got a guy called Stephen McKay. He published a lot of really successful Robin Hood fanfiction,” Willance said. “Yes, there’s a pretty serious story chop behind it, but it’s there as a layer. It’s basically a layer to fill the inside story, like a little trinket that can be picked up from the map itself. So the tapestry tells us about the character, but the trinkets tell us about the map, which could be like a wedding ring for the daughter of a farmer who was hanged in the state for not paying taxes. Hmm.”


Willance added that as he spends his time searching for Hood’s story, players can expect quite a few interesting story twists and turns. “I really enjoyed a lot because I was able to add a little context without going into the realm of spoilers,” he said. “Why does Marian have this triple fire crossbow that looks like it was invented by Leonardo da Vinci?”

When Willance asked if he could explain in the back story how Marian, who had just laughed, disappeared, he replied, “I didn’t talk about her invisibleness. I’ll omit that.”

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, two teams of four outlaws compete with time to steal keys from the army of sheriffs and his patrol guards, break into the treasury, steal money, and escape. The game will be released with four playable characters inspired by Robin Hood, Lady Marian, Little John, Fria Attack and more. Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be available on May 7 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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