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Few expected it, but at the 2021 Mbadara World Tennis Championships, all tennis fans were given two members of the two former world big fours like Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal. The match was seen again. The Britons returned to play at full speed this year, but great curiosity caused Rafa’s condition, which had been suspended for some time due to physical problems.

For this reason, this Abu Dhabi event is more than just an exhibition, everyone wanted to test the condition of the two athletes in light of the 2022 season. This year is Australia’s commitment and the Australian Open.

Andy Murray spoke at the meeting and seemed very excited about the challenges he hadn’t had for a long time. Andy vs Rafa has been a regular for the last few years and the two are excited to meet again. The British player said:

At such moments, I can try to stay in professional tennis again. I had a lot of fun. Our history has always been a great rival and he has returned from a complex injury. court.

I played a very solid match and it worked well. It can be said that he did not give him many chances. As a result, I think my condition is mixed with the fact that he has no rhythm and hasn’t played for a long time. I was able to impose my game. I understand Rafa who hasn’t played for a long time. It happened to me too. It’s not easy, and it definitely gets more complicated as you get older. “

Nadal was competing in Abu Dhabi

Rafael Nadal fought a large battle, but Denis Shapovalov was 7-6 (4), 3-6 (10-6) in the third-place playoff on Saturday at the 2021 Mamoura Diversified World Championship. ) Was defeated, so there was a shortage. ..

He previously lost to Andy Murray 6-3, 7-5 on Friday. “Yes, it may be too difficult to start for the first time in a long time. Good. The goal has been achieved. I went back to the court and played two games. I have been on the court for the past two days, three days from the previous day. I spent about 4 hours in. I practiced with Rublev.

I’ve been here many times, so if you’re playing tennis, I’m always very happy to be able to play here. Nadal repeats the fact that he enjoys playing a lot here, and everyone knows how much he enjoys.

“As everyone knows the organization here, Mamoura people, I always enjoy playing here. This year was the last stop before the start of next season. It was an exception. Always have a lot of fun here. ”

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“Hopefully I can keep coming in …” “Hopefully I can keep coming in …”

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