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Rizin Fighting Federation has returned to MMA Fold at its annual New Year’s Eve celebration. It all originates from Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and features multiple title battles and some notable names in the JMMA scene. Here is a summary of Rizin 26.

At the main event, Kyoji Horiguchi won the Lysine Bantamweight Championship and in the process retaliated for his knockout defeat to Kai Asakura in August 2019.

Horiguchi was seriously injured and stopped working for over a year, returning the fairy tale to the ring.

Kyoji Horiguchi once again informs everyone on the planet of his Pound for Pound status, and the future of the former dual bantamweight champion (Bellatoll and Lysine at the same time) certainly looks bright.

But the top of Marquee’s rematch wasn’t the only championship match on the card.

Ayaka Hamasaki vs Miyu Yamamoto is a vacant Super Atom Weight Belt and the contest has arguably produced one of the most impressive submission finishes of the calendar year.

Lysine 26

Some well-known names have enhanced the card Proud Giant Slayer / Super Fruc Champion Minowaman.. Like his tactics, Minowa took on a much larger figure than him. This time it was a heavyweight Leviathan Sudario.

However, unlike the heyday of PRIDE / DREAM, Minowa did not defeat the giant enemy and ate a significant amount of additional hammer fists after being defeated by a kick at the end of the battle.

Takanori Gomi also returned to the match in a special rule contest. Fireball Kid I wore this large stand-up exclusive glove that complies with three knockdown rules.

After a rather ominous opening round, Garbage picked up pace and the two played an interesting match in a later frame.

Tenshin Nasukawa showed off his savvy kickboxing skills in co-starring, and veteran Hideo Tokoro won his 65th professional MMA match. There was also a soccer kick finish, to name a few of the highlights of Rizin 26.

Results of the complete Rizin 26 event

RFF Bantamweight Championship Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Kai Asakura. Round 1 2:48 KO / TKO

Tenshin Nasukawa defeats Kumandoi Fejaro Embit (kickboxing). Unanimous decision

Mikuru Asakura defeats Satoshi Yamasu. Round 1 4:20 KO / TKO

Takanori Gomi breaks Koji Tanaka (customs clearance rules). Majority decision.

RFF Free Atom Weight Championship Ayaka Hamasaki defeats Miyu Yamamoto. Submitted, Leg Scissors Chalk at 1:42 in Round 1

Naoki Inoue defeats Yuki Motoya. Submitted, rear naked choke at 3:00 in Round 1

Kleber Koike defeats Kyle Aguon. Submitted, Round 1 4:22 D’ARCE CHOKE

Kyohei Hagiwara defeats Ren Hiramoto. KO / TKO, GROUND AND POUND at 1:29 in Round 2

Hideo Tokoro defeats Shinobu Ota. Submitted, Round 2 2:45 ARM BAR

Nadaka Yoshinari defeats P. Pejaro Embit (kickboxing). KO / TKO (3 knockdowns) at 2:20 in Round 1

Ulka Sasaki defeats Kenta Takizawa. Unanimous decision

Kanna Asakura defeats Ai Shimizu. Unanimous decision

Atsushi Saito breaks Hiroya Kawabe (customs clearance rule). Submission, Armbar Round 2

Kazuma Kuramoto defeats Taiyo Nakahara. KO / TKO, soccer kick at 2:12 in Round 1

Takeshi Sudario defeats Minowaman. KO / TKO, low kick at 3:19 in Round 1

Sakura Mori vs El Takebayashi. No contest, Round 1 1:37 arm bar

Lysine 26 Summary

Rizin 26 will be available for replay viewing for the next 7 days Via LIVE Now.. What was your favorite moment from NYE Spectacle?

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Horiguchi wins gold medal in partnership with Asakura series Horiguchi wins gold medal in partnership with Asakura series

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