Horizon Alloy is coming to Fall Guy next week

The latest crossover characters from the whimsical battle royale game Fall Guys have been unveiled. This is none other than Sony’s Horizontal series Aloy. The special alloy costume will arrive at Fallguy on December 6th, apparently as part of a special event called the Alloy Blaze Canister Mayhem.

“Avoid mechanical threats, collect Blaze Canisters, and get ready to earn unique rewards at Alloy’s Blaze Canister Mayhem!” Read the line from the official announcement. There’s no more detail, but the release is imminent, so we need to know more soon.

This isn’t the first time Sony’s franchise has appeared in Fallguy, as the Battle Royale game recently welcomed the special skins of Ratchet & Crank, LittleBigPlanet, and Ghost of Tsushima. Other franchises that crossed Fall Guys include Doom, Half-Life, Portal, Sonic, Among Us, and Super Monkey Ball.

The alloy crossover with Fallguy comes months before the alloy journey continues when Horizon Forbidden West is launched for PS4 and PS5 in February 2022. For Fall Guys, Season 6 was just released on November 30th, adding a new game and the Ghost of Tsushima skin mentioned above.

Fans speculate that Fall Guys may be released on Switch and Xbox during Season 6, but that’s not the case, developer Mediatonic recently confirmed.

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