Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Gameplay Video Reveals Aloy’s New Tools

Horizon Forbidden West Was the focus of the latest episode of Sony’s State of Play series, with a long clip of the game footage that provided new gameplay details about Alloy’s next journey.

In a 14-minute gameplay release, developer Guerrilla Games showed that Alloy had encountered a group of Tenax assailants who captured his friend Elend. These enemies can simply disable and ride the mechanized beasts of the game called machines. Aloy himself boarded a giant new monster, a creature like a mammoth known as Tremortusk.

Aloy has many weapons and traversal tools at his disposal. Forbidden westThis includes projectile-based grappling hooks called pull casters and electronic gliders known as shield wings. Also, thanks to the diving mask, you can swim endlessly underwater. This mask also helps you move forward in the fast-moving Pacific Ocean currents. Finally, you can upgrade Focus to disable new types of machines such as Clawstriders. Horizon Forbidden West — And emphasize the shelves and other areas in the environment that you can see while climbing.

Horizon Forbidden West Under development at Amsterdam-based Guerrilla Games. In an open world action game, Alloy needs to save the planet from two threats. It’s in the form of a “massive supercell storm,” game director Matthijs de Ligt said at the time of the game’s announcement at Sony’s PS5 public event last June. Sony later announced: Horizon Forbidden West It will also be released on PlayStation 4.

Surprisingly, Sony did not repeat the 2021 release window previously announced on Thursday. Instead. Horizon Forbidden West Narrative director Ben McCow said in a post on the PlayStation blog, “We haven’t set an exact release date yet, but development is on track and we’ll be announcing an update in the near future.”

original Horizon Zero Dawn Debuted on PS4 in February 2017, it has become one of the best-selling console games. Alloy is the story of a young woman who is about to reach adulthood, jumping out of the village to track down those who attacked her tribe and tried to kill her. This game is played in the 31st century world where human beings live in primitive beings on earth.

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