Horizon Zero Dawn, Broforce, and The Surge 2 Headlines December PS added

Sony today announced which games will be added to its game subscription service, PS Now. This is a tough month for subscribers, as they have some well-known releases and some in the middle to help bulk up the collection. None of them are particularly bad, but they have a wide range of appeal.

Horizon Zero Dawn is clearly a big marquee title in December. So if you’re new to Alloy’s sci-fi adventure, now is the time. The game also includes The Frozen Wilds, so it’s even more valuable. Curiously, it has no expiration date. At least not in the official PlayStation blog post. First-party games usually exist for a period of time, usually three months, but in this case the Horizon Zero Dawn seems to stay longer. It, or there was a typographical error.

The rest of the goods are Broforce, The Surge 2, Wreckfest: DriveHard. Die Last. , Darksiders 3, Stranded Deep. So all a bit for everyone, kind. I haven’t seen the PSVR game as part of PS Now yet, but I hope it will come out in the future …

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Horizon Zero Dawn, Broforce, and The Surge 2 Headline December PS Now Additions

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