Horizon Zero Dawn, The Surge 2, Darksiders 3 added to PlayStation Now

Stephanie Nannery, Tuesday, December 1, 2020 17:28 GMT

Sony has added a number of games to the PlayStation Now service.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Darksiders 3, The Surge 2 added to PlayStation Now..

In addition to the above, Sony has also added Broforce, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest: Drive Hard Die Last.

Stranded Deep An open world adventure stuck only in the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash. Explore underwater and land, looking for tools, weapons, and supplies to build shelters, doing what you can to survive.

At Brofrce, as a team of up to four players in this side-scrolling run-and-gun game, you’ll join a platform mission to eliminate the “threatening our way of life” power. You can also play directly against other players in Deathmatch mode.

Wreckfest: Drive Hard Die Last is a full contact racer by the manufacturer of FlatOut. Race and upgrade your patched cars, upgrade your armor and overcome the “magnificent crashes” and “neck-to-neck battles” of crossing the finish line. There are also challenge modes such as crop harvesters and tricycles. It also had multiplayer. It will be available until May 31, 2021.

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Horizon Zero Dawn, The Surge 2, Darksiders 3, more added to PlayStation Now

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