Horrible twins die in the daytime and join the realm of the entity

Hello, fog of people.

A new chapter is available in Died in daylight Brings a unique killer and survivor. The theme of this chapter is family. What we do for the family, what we sacrifice for the family, how the family is built and who we are … and our new murderer is the family I know about !! !! Let’s hear more from Dead by Daylight Creative Director David.

Dead by Daylight Associate Brand Manager Thomas Carpentier: It’s the first time a killer is made up of two different characters. How did the idea come to the development team? What was unique and interesting as the development progressed?

Died by Daylight Creative Director David: The ability to separate and control multiple independent characters with different abilities has always been a compelling concept for teams. Over the years, I’ve considered it many times in different shapes and shapes. However, due to production challenges and technical limitations, the idea had to be set aside. Thanks to a bigger and more experienced team (and a lot of effort!), Twins is now a reality!

As you can imagine, the design of The Twins was rewarding. The two-part killer changes the overall dynamics of a regular match. Died in daylight.. It was essential to keep both Charlotte and Victor useful and give them a reason to switch between the two frequently. We also prototyped, tested, and fine-tuned the killer components to ensure that the additional pressure on the survivors was appropriate. The biggest challenge was the amazingly successful animation team. The twins are full of personality and Victor should surprise you at some point in the trial!

Carpentier: Tell us more about Twins.

Richard: The story of Charlotte and Victor is tough. The brothers were born in union in 17th century France, which sees their very existence as a curse. They were stolen from their mothers, tortured for years in the dark rituals of cultists, and suffered many difficulties. In Charlotte’s despair, Victor died when she escaped from the cult’s grasp, his lifeless body still attached to her. She then survived by scavenging, stealing, and sometimes killing her, always trying to protect her dead brother. Victor was resurrected when the entity took them, and she loves him dearly, even though he is now a fueled monster.

In the game, twins show their different personalities through their abilities. Both characters are independent. The player is free to switch between the two. Charlotte protects his brother with huge weapons and tools gathered from many writhing, emotional, and looted villages and cities. Her size makes it possible to perform all standard killer actions such as transport and hooks. Malicious Victor is completely disconnected and his anger can cause havoc. He can swiftly attack and attach to survivors and hurt them in the process. Victor also reveals the position of other survivors to his sister.

Dead by Daylight-Kin's binding

Carpentier: The new survivor is Elodie Rakoto. Tell us more about her story and her uniqueness.

Richard: Élodie is a wonderful French Madagascar relic hunter who devoted his life to occult studies. When she was a child, her parents disappeared in a mysterious and catastrophic event. From this point on, her efforts and focus have been to study, investigate, and investigate religious, mysterious, and everything that helps her understand what happened to her parents. With all this knowledge, she got very close to the entity and the groups that orbited it. Élodie is often “in the field”. She explores dangerous places and retrieves ancient relics related to her research. It ultimately leads her to the realm of substance.

Élodie brings three unique perks to the Survivor Toolset. This allows her to stay one step ahead of the trial with tenacity and quick thinking. To deceive the killer or fight him, she has an interesting play style that sets her apart from other survivors.

Dead by Daylight-Kin's binding

I’m happy with the feedback from the community, so this is the last note about Élodie. The team strives to diversify the characters as much as possible, using different backgrounds, origins, ethnicities and cultures. Expression is important and we continue to believe it.

Carpentier: The new chapter will be released in early December, what can you expect for the holiday season?

Richard: There are some surprises in the bag, but what about free cosmetics and currency? From today to January 3rd, we will provide currency to players when logging in to the game. In addition, some cosmetic rewards are available via Redeem Codes. Keep an eye on it. This will be a busy moment for the player. Oh, remember. If you already have an Xbox One version of the game, you can get a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version thanks to SmartDelivery.

Enjoy the holiday season and see you in the fog!

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Dead by Daylight: Special Edition

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Death is not an escape route. Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player acts as a barbaric killer and the other four play as survivors, fleeing, being caught, tortured, etc. I will not be killed. Survivors have the advantage of playing third parties and improving situational awareness. The killer plays in first person and focuses on prey. The goal of the survivor at each encounter is to escape from the killing ground without being caught by the killer. This sounds easier, especially if the environment changes each time you play.

The Gruesome Twins Join the Entity’s Realm in Dead by Daylight

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