Horsegram’s miraculous health benefits

Horsegrams, also known as Kulthi Dal, are neither unique nor ordinary. It is not well known and most people are not yet aware of this valuable ingredient. Its medicinal properties are enormous. It does not play an important role in any dish, but it can make any dish healthier and may be nutritious when fully adopted in any regional dish.

Medicinal use of horse gram

  1. Anti-hyperglycemia: Horsegram seeds have a hypoglycemic effect that controls blood sugar levels. It suppresses the absorption of carbohydrates and is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber.
  2. Hemolytic activity: Seeds make anti-inflammatory drugs that effectively neutralize indirect hemolytic effects.
  3. Diuretic effect: KulthiDal increases urine flow. It puts pressure on the deposited stone, which lowers the stone and removes it by urination. One of the studies published in the Journal of the Association of Physicians of India in 2010 compared the effects of Kultha and potassium citrate on 47 patients with kidney stones. It has been concluded that Kultha is often used to reduce the recurrence of calcium oxalate stones and has yielded better results than the use of conventional potassium citrate.
  4. Treat jaundice: In Andhra Pradesh, horsegram water is used to treat jaundice.
  5. Relieves coughs and colds: When taken as a soup, it liquefies mucus to relieve stuffy nose, open the nasal passages and dissolve mucous membranes. Therefore, horsegram water has been found to be effective in relieving coughs and colds. This helps make breathing easier, as certain nutrients also boost the body’s metabolism and immunity.
  6. Helps you lose weight: Taking this miraculous gram will help you lose weight. You can also add powdered horse gram with sour buttermilk and apply it to the fat deposit area to help reduce fat.
  7. Treat under the white belt: Kulth is also used to treat under-white belts (vaginal secretions) and menstrual disorders in the hills. According to Ayurveda, soaking just a handful of these in a bowl of water overnight, boiling the next day, and using this water to consume three times a day will help treat sub-white belt symptoms. Being rich in iron, protein and calcium is really good for kids too.
  8. Treat hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids occur when the veins of the rectum become swollen and inflamed, causing a lot of pain. Despite rushing to the pharmacy for medicine and treatment, experts recommend the use of horse gram. Soak these cups overnight and consume water the next day. Eat steamed grams as a salad. The roughage in it, along with the fiber, helps to effectively treat hemorrhoids.
  9. Rich source of various natural bioactive substances: Phytic acid, fiber, phenolic acid, etc. These bioactive substances have great potential to treat various types of illnesses such as colds, streptococcal pharyngitis, fever, urinary stones, asthma, bronchitis and cataracts.
  10. Skin rash and boiling: Horsegram can also be used as a topical pack for some treatment of rashes, boil and skin disorders. It is antibacterial and antibacterial, and is rich in antioxidants in combination with minerals, so it nourishes and replicates the healthy lipid layer of the skin.

Best recipe

  • Culti Water: It’s a long process, but it’s really natural with no side effects. Soak 25 grams in 250 ml of water overnight, strain the water in the morning and drink this water on an empty stomach. Later, add the same amount of water to the same soaked horse gram and drink it for lunch. Continuing this process for 6 months will help break down kidney stones. Later, you can make a thin dull of this soaked horse gram and eat it with rice or roti.
  • Culti soup: Take 200 grams of Kurtidal in 2 liters of water and boil it in a slow flame for about 4-5 hours. When it is halved, it will be consumed at lunch time. At that time, please try this soup alone. It will start working within a week or two.

That’s a lot of nutritional and health benefits, right? Gp Get Your Horsegram Now! I hope you found this article useful. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!Check out more about nutrition and food Healthy reading Or join a LIVE session by an expert. GOQii Play..


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