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EA’s Fun Legacy Racer Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has recently been remastered on Nintendo Switch and other gaming platforms. A new update is available for download today and includes a wealth of changes and fixes to make your Switch game even more enjoyable. Need for Speed: The following are changes and fixes in the first major patch of Hot Pursuit Remastered:


  • Fixed an issue that could cause audio to break during racing and cinematics.
  • If you change the VOIP / mic settings, they should be kept in the lobby you will join in the future.
  • The VOIP system now works as intended if the headset is connected after joining the multiplayer lobby.
  • Speech recognition will now work on players on the same platform.
  • A similar issue affected text-to-speech audio distortion, which has been resolved.


  • The interceptor lobby should be limited to two players, as intended.
  • The Change Access menu now disappears correctly after the selection is made.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not move from the lobby to the race.

Visual / UI

  • Players will no longer see audio icons on other platforms. In-game voice chat is available when cross-play is turned off. When cross-play is turned on, voice chat is restricted to the party chat system on each platform. This tip is now also visible in your privacy settings.
  • You can no longer get stuck in the driver’s details menu.
  • When a friend breaks your time, the correct date should appear in the autolog notification.
  • Player lists are now displayed only once on the screen when bust as a racer in a Hot Pursuit multiplayer event.
  • If you change the console language and local settings, autolog notifications are now displayed in each language.
  • Trophy to be received (in the case of cop / racer rank) should be properly unlocked retroactively, even if there are trophies that should have been received but not received.
  • When using custom colors, the colors displayed in the “Last / Recent” slots are now displayed correctly. Most of the time it was done, but there were some scenarios where it wasn’t.
  • Fixed an issue with occlusion in the mountains along Boulder Road.
  • With the Porsche Boxster Spider, you can now reproduce “Speed ​​Yellow” using a custom color palette.
  • Some events didn’t have Speedwall, but they now exist and are visible in the career map.
  • The prize money won in 3rd place is now displayed on the overview screen of “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • If you lose your connection and reconnect, your player’s avatar will display correctly on the Speedwall.
  • Notifications that a friend has defeated you in an intercept event will no longer be interrupted when scrolling down the bottom of the map screen, and no random question marks will be displayed.
  • The correct name and symbol should appear on the vehicle during the intro of the Most Wanted event.
  • Short black screens no longer appear when navigating from the pause menu to submenus during a multiplayer race.
  • Car shadows no longer flicker in the parking lot of the police station on Cascade Terrace Road.
  • The game you are currently playing is now displayed correctly when you are viewing your profile on your PS4.
  • After sending and receiving game invitation requests from friends, confirmation notifications are now displayed as intended.
  • The correct game mode is now reflected in your friends list and dashboard when you are in a single player race.
  • The player’s avatar frame disappears after the first loading screen.
  • The player’s avatar should be better aligned with the name on the results screen.
  • If cross-play is enabled, the platform ID should appear next to your name during the race, as well as on the leaderboard.
  • When cross-play is enabled, all platform identifier icons will have the same shade / opacity of white.
  • The VOIP icon no longer duplicates the player name on the ending screen of a cross-play multiplayer race.
  • You can now add players to your friends list from the Recent Players tab.
  • In photo mode, the top of the police car siren is no longer blacked out when the Show Damage toggle is set to On.
  • Removed redundant lines from user contract.
  • Even after changing the resolution multiple times, the “My Carrier” intro cinematic should render in full screen.
  • As you pointed out, rank 21 was displayed as the next rank. This was unintended and has been fixed – rank 20 is the highest rank.


  • Traditional Chinese: The HUD “jammer” text is now displayed in place when all charges have been exhausted.
  • All languages: Updated localized technical support files in the Game Installation Support folder.
  • Spanish: Long player names should not be duplicated in the “autolog recommended” section.


  • If the “Most Wanted” is completed during an ongoing race, all players will need to return to the menu as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when selecting a career event.
  • The game no longer crashes when the event is restarted multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when selecting the AutologRecommends menu.
  • When I join my friend’s lobby in photo mode, the black screen disappears.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash during an arms race session.
  • Fixed two issues that could occur during the “Unreasonable Force” event.
  • Resolved an issue where sharing time on the wall could cause the game to hang.
  • Now you can join your friends without friction after the game is interrupted for a while on the console.

Nintendo switch

  • Your friends’ online status is now correctly displayed in your friends list.
  • Improved visual performance for Barnstormer, Awe Inspired, and UnderPressure.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered receives large patch

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