Hotshot Racing: Big Boss Bundle DLC is now available for free


  • Free new DLC Big boss bundle Now available Hot shot racing
  • Available on Xbox Game Pass, play Hot shot racing And today’s new DLC
  • The new barrel barrage mode adds an explosive barrel to the mix and four new high speed circuits are now the Boss Level Grand Prix

Available on Xbox Game Pass Hot shot racing Is a very fast arcade racing game from the Curve Digital, Sumo Nottingham, and Lucky Mountain games released this September, adopting the iconic arcade racing method of the 90’s and updated for the modern generation. I am.

Now it’s time to make gameplay explosive. Big boss bundle!! With more content for drift enthusiasts, the new DLC includes four colorful new tracks, a new Grand Prix Championship, and a new game mode, Barrel Barrel.

Barrel barrage mode

take Hot shot racingAdd to your mix the trademark break neck speed and explosive barrel. Barrels fired from the rear of the vehicle will explode and damage when in contact with other racer cars, making each dash on the checkered flag more dangerous.

Boss Level Grand Prix

You can now expand the championship roster with Hot shot racing The Boss Level Grand Prix includes four new high-speed circuits: Eight Ball Highways, Cargo Chaos, Frozen Freeway, and Surf City, each with visually pleasing views.All game modes, including barrel barrage, are available on all tracks featured at the Boss Level Grand Prix.

Since its launch, Sumo Digital Nottingham and Lucky Mountain Games have taken all steps, responded to feedback, and applied constant patches on all platforms to keep the game up to date. This includes increased vehicle speed in normal, hard and expert modes, improved multiplayer lobby capabilities, and fixed controller detection for PC versions of the game.

It features fast-paced full-contact racing gameplay and visuals inspired by the arcade hits of past racing games. Hot shot racing Now available on console and PC Xbox Game Pass.

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It’s time to get back on track!

Hot shot racing

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Hot shot racing

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Free new DLC! Big Boss Bundle provides Hotshot Racing with thrilling DLC ​​for free! The new mode of Barrel Barrage offers the most enthusiastic action ever, and the Boss Level Grand Prix presents a wide selection of quick racetracks. Hotshot Racing is an amazingly fast arcade-style racing game that combines drift handling, incredibly sharp retro visuals and incredible speed to create an exhilarating driving experience. Developed by racing game veteran SUMO Nottingham and Lucky Mountain Games, Hotshot Racing is a whole new driving experience that brings back the classic arcade gameplay of the 90’s and pushes it to the present day. The 16 race circuits offer twists, turns and straights to help you race very fast. Enjoy the coastal, jungle, alpine and Las Vegas desert environments. Each course is modeled with the brightest colors and miles of blue skies. Time Trial and Grand Prix modes are for those who want to compete in a classic racing style, while “Cops and Robbery” and “Drive or Explosion” modes offer an exhilarating new way to play. Each mode is available in single player, 4-player split screen, and 8-player online, but time trials are for single player only. Single-player mode runs at a ferocious 60 FPS and provides one of the fastest race depictions possible. Smash lap records to launch a global online leaderboard or download go-straps to match your racing line to the best.

Hotshot Racing: Big Boss Bundle DLC Available Now for Free

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