Housemarque’s moody PS5 sci-fi shooter Returnal gets March release date •

And a new gameplay trailer.

Developer Housemarque is trying to do something a little different with the new PS5 sci-fi shooter Returnal. Previous output favored a small but pristine arcade experience, but this time the developers are clearly heading in the direction of a blockbuster, the result of which struggling arrived on March 19th. To do.

First announced in June, Returnal blends elements of third-person action and platform with a big drop of a moody story to create what Housemarque calls “the most ambitious project ever.” I will. The resulting adventure unfolds at the edge of the galaxy, with players taking on the role of Selene. Selene finds himself trapped in an endless resurrection hellish loop while being left behind on a deadly planet.

It’s like a roguelike game of the time, and subsequent actions promise “volleying barrage projectiles along the way” (obviously Housemarque isn’t ready to say goodbye to Arsenal’s roots yet. ). Weapon armed in rechargeable alt-fire mode that is activated by half-pressing the adaptive trigger on the PS5 controller.

Return gameplay trailer.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have to do now. The rest of Housemarque’s PlayStation blog post can be read like a promotion of new features on the PS5, rather than delving into Returnal itself properly. Nods to the 3D audio capabilities of the console. So you have to wait patiently for developers to share more gameplay details.

Thankfully, there’s a gorgeous and moody new trailer that accompanies the announcement of the Returnal release date, which certainly draws an interesting picture. As the March 19th release date approaches, expectations for Housemarque’s latest release are rising.

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