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As his team concludes the regular season, NBA worst record, Houston rockets Owner Tillman Fertita emphasized the excitement about the future of the franchise and declared confidence in the leadership the team has after a year of extreme sales.

Feltita specifically quoted the emergence of a young core in Houston and his trust in Rockets’ new head coach Stephen Silas and first-year general manager Rafael Stone, saying, “I just won 16 games. I didn’t expect it to feel so good. “

“When I was very angry about losing, I never thought I felt so good, but looking at all of the draft topics and the future, I’m just happy. It’s unusual to feel so good. I think. Your coach and general manager, I do. “

After eight consecutive playoffs, Rocket is guaranteed to finish the season at the bottom of the league, leaving a record of 16-53 on Wednesday, four wins over the second worst team, and three games remaining. It has been.

The team has begun the rebuilding phase by allowing the trade demands that underlie the franchise. James HardenSends a perennial All-NBA Guard to his favorite destination Brooklyn Nets For packages headed by the historic transport of picks in the first round of the future.The deal included head coach Mike D’Antoni’s resignation, long-time general manager Daryl Morey’s off-season resignation, and dissatisfied Starguard’s deal after his contract expired at the end of last season. Happened shortly after Russell Westbrook After his only season at the Rockets.

Houston expects to be competitive this season after trading with Harden, winning seven out of eight games in early February with a contract to play over .500 games.However, the rocket has since started guards and has become 5-43 as their roster has been devastated by injuries. John wall (Knee, hamstring) Eric Gordon (Crotch) Sitting most of the season.Immediately after the start of the center, 20 consecutive losses in the franchise record started Christian woodThe Rockets’ main scorer and rebounder, suffering from ankle sprains, pushed him aside on most skids.

The Fertita and Rockets front offices have supported and believed Silas, who had struggled for 20 years as an NBA assistant before Houston hired him in October. In particular, I am encouraged to train young core players such as Wood.guard Kevin Porter Jr...And transfer Jae’Sean Tate And Kenyon Martin Jr...

“Cyrus has just shown great ability to raise these guys and he threw something unprecedented at him. Let 29 guys play in teams and play the real minutes,” Fertita said. It will appear in this season’s rocket game, citing a record number of NBA players. “All these injuries happened this year. This will never happen again. It’s hard to believe we were 11-10 years old. And all the injuries started.

“I think he handled it incredibly. It was hard for everyone.”

Fertita is a young core and first round pick for Stone, a longtime rocket front office employee who was promoted after Molly’s departure when Houston moved from a longtime competitor to a rebuilding team. I admit that I have won the bundle.

25-year-old Wood averaged 21.0 points and 9.6 rebounds in the first season of the three-year $ 41 million contract. Porter, 20 years old, Cleveland Cavaliers He chose to move on because of off-court issues, averaging 16.6 points and 6.3 assists per game. This is highlighted by the performance of 50 points and 11 assists on the victory on April 29th. Milwaukee Bucks.. After playing abroad, Tate, 25, signed as an undrafted free agent, is an All-Rookie candidate. Martin, 20, who was ranked 52nd in the draft, is increasingly showing the potential for an average of 20.0 points and 8.5 rebounds per match in May.

Stone prioritized the accumulation of first round picks and collected a total of seven first round picks and some swap rights, trading off most of the starting lineups last season (Harden, Westbrook,). Robert Covington And PJ Tucker). Most of Harden’s trade returns are time to tell after Nets’ Star Trio prime, Brooklyn swaps Houston’s first round picks in 2024 and 2026, and swap rights in 2025 and 2027. I owe it.

“It could be 2027 that we will eventually win the top five picks to be the second best player,” Fertita said. “I don’t know, but my people show that everything they’ve done so far has made the right decisions, and I’m proud of them all. I’m proud of the basketball operator. I think, Cyrus, because they keep showing me that they are doing the right thing. “

Fertita does not have a solid schedule for the rocket to return to the playoffs. Their orbit is, in part, Oklahoma City Thunder From Westbrook Trade when Houston gave up Chris Paul, 2024 and 2026 first round picks, and this year and 2025 swap rights. The first round pick and this year’s swap rights are protected to the top four.

The Rockets have a 52.1% chance of landing in the top four lottery tickets this year. If not, Thunder gets a fifth pick and Miami heatSelect Houston to perform the swap. Houston also has the first round picks from Portland and Milwaukee this year.

“I can tell you this: I’m going to be patient,” Fertita said. “The basketball guys know what they’re doing. I’m not going to do stupid things to take part in next year’s playoffs, and I can compete for the championship in a couple of years. I will not be able to. I will be the steward of the Houston City team and the lucky ones of the millions of people living here. My goal is to compete for the championship for as long as possible.

“But as we know, when you compete for four or five years in a row, when you throw everything into it-I was completely late-this is what happens in any sport. We will be patient. I think next year will be better, the next year will be better, and the next year will be better. “

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Houston Rockets owner Tillman Fetita is excited about the future of the NBA franchise Houston Rockets owner Tillman Fetita is excited about the future of the NBA franchise

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